THE LIST– 2015

   Disappointing movies-2015   

Calendar Girls


Madhur Bhandarkar is going the RGV way. Once respected for making women oriented movies, Bhandarkar has lost his story telling chops. May be Bollywood is changing for the good. We have more movies with strong women characters now, so few stand up and notice when Bhandarkar works on a women-centric project. Calendar girls is as clichéd as it can get and the fact that most of the newbies cannot act to save their lives makes the movie a tedious watch. Add to it two scenes where Bhandarkar appears as himself and one of the ladies reads an eulogy note is pure sad. He is better than this.

Hate Story 3


Not that the other two Hate Story movies were much better, but this one is an abomination! Sharman Joshi must have felt like a college student sent back to school, which explains him hamming his way through this torture. An attempt at making a convoluted sleaze fest went horribly wrong in this one. Also the sensuality which was highly marketed is not at all affective, thanks to the two wooden female leads.



We have already reviewed the movie using the choicest of disapproving language for this disaster. We owe money and time to Rohit Shetty, that’s all we will demand right now. If you didn’t go through our review earlier, here is the link :

Kuch Kuch Locha Hain


Ram Kapoor had my immediately attention right from his debut on TV in a series called Nyay, where he played a suave and charming guy wooing his way into a girl’s heart. That respect is fast withering away with the kind of movie choices he is making off late. Be it Humshakals or this bull crap passed on as a mainstream movie, Ram is harming his own reputation. Sunny Leone is not to be blamed here. Her introduction into Bollywood is an upright middle finger to the Indian audience and a judgement on the kind of movies we are Ok with watching.

Bombay Velvet


A Ranbir Kapoor movie is a serious affair. He is one star scion with acting bones. But even a star like him cannot uplift a movie without a tight script and some unintentionally comical scenes. The marketing of the movie was done with a lot of fervor. Alas, the 25 crore marketing budget itself could not be grossed at the box office, let alone the complete making charges. One of the biggest disappointments of the year.

 Lesser known good movies–2015



Masaan is a poignant ballad of emotions and aspirations which resonate through a large part of small town India. Masaan used the river Gnages more of as a character than a backdrop and the resulting story is both melancholy and of hope. Richa Chaddha has carved a niche for herself with unconventional characters which hit hard and the character of Devi in Masaan is another exploration into something so realistic in our society. New comers Vicky Kaushal and Shweta Tripathi also give stellar performances while Sanjay Mishra is restraint yet solemn. Check our detailed review here—



Titli is a remarkable film exploring the dirty underbelly of the Delhi-NCR area. It makes you uneasy and sometimes cringe with its sure-footed screenplay. First time director Kanu Behl explores the world of a dystopian family struggling to earn an proper living and who double up as carjackers at night. All the actors justify their casting for this movie, right from newcomer Shashank Arora who plays the titular role to Ranvir Shorey who plays the cold hearted elder brother. The movie has an underlying theme about hope amidst the chaos which is explored through Titli’s story and his marriage to a girl who has her own backstory and agenda. This is a movie not to be missed.

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