The “Mastizaade” + “Kya Kool Hain Hum 3” combined Review



Kya Kool Hain Hum 3 & Mastizaade remind us of the game “find 6 differences between these two pictures”that everyone must have played while growing up. Only here, its a case of finding a dozen similarities between the two movies. We are attempting to review both the movies together. Because why not! If two movies can supply us with similar kind of crass and infantile humour, written by the same two writers, with more than half the cast repeated and released within 7 days of each other, then we surely can analyse both these “pieces of artistic exploration of human sensuality” in the same review!

Tusshar Kapoor is the veteran beacon light and flag-bearer of soft porn comedies in India. Please re-read the sentence and mull at the irony of it all. There is a self aware dialogue in KKHH3 where the lead actress tells her father “ÿeh Shakti Kapoor nhi, yeh bechaara to Tusshar Kapoor hain”. Even the writers think it’s funny that the lowly talented and i’m-an-embarrassment-still-a-Kapoor, Tusshar Kapoor is stereotyped as an adult star in India and has helmed both these movies. Not only him, both the movies have Riteish Deshmukh in a cameo, Sushmita Mukherjee as a sex crazed elderly woman, Gizelle Thakral as the voluptuous bimbo with revealing names ( Mary Lee in KKHH3 & Titli Boobna in Mastizaade). In fact, the blatant giveaway that the writers are common to both these movies is that they think that giving their characters names with sexual innuendos is funny. For example, Sunny Leone is Lilly Lele and Tusshar is Sunny Kele in Mastizaade, Vir Das is Aditya Chotiya (get the drift?) in Mastizaade and Claudia Ciesla is Suckuntala (oh the subtlety!) in KKHH3. The female leads and supporting women do not have much to do, as expected, but gyrate to songs and show skin in abundance. Sunny Leone is the upright middle finger to all those who pay their hard earned money and make these movies run (oops! Did i say “hard”? Contagious you see).

If women’s objectification is a big problem with both these movies, wait till you watch the scenes about the LGBT stereotype and violence with a specially-abled person. If KKHH3 has Andy playing an effeminate character with affinity to the lead actors, Mastizaade fills the spot using Suresh Menon (who is another harbinger in portraying caricaturish gay man).

In the lead up to the release of Mastizaade, there was lot of talk about an interview of Ms Leone by a leading journalist which turned out to be moral policing instead of a neutral conversation. As much as we condemn such propaganda, we cannot help but feel that Sunny Leone should at least make an effort to try something different in terms of movie choices. Directors leering their cameras close to her bosoms is something that India has had enough of, at least we have.

As for soft porn comedies in India, we honestly do not see a future (at least in terms of quality). Apparently KKHH3 is making decent money in the box office. Which is sadly a reflection on the kind of movies we are ready to gobble up in the name of entertainment. These two movies released within 7 days of each other have assumed the IQ of the average movie going audience in India to be in single digits. I am sure, Vir Das, who is a successful stand up comic who makes relevant and satirical videos around his observations on current affairs, would have chuckled disapprovingly when he read the script. But we guess no one can pass off the opportunity to work in another of the hair brained productions coming from the stables of Ekta Kapoor.

Now, let’s talk about the stories of both the movies……rather, let’s not. Because who cares. Both the movies are the sum total of everything you have seen over the last few years fed to us as “adult masala comedies”. Men wearing women clothing, sexual entendre, gay-like situations creating misunderstanding, older actors delivering sexually enveloped dialogues, we have seen them all.

Only thing fresh in these movies may be the multiple occasions when highly attractive women drool over Tusshar Kapoor(we did not expect to see that happen!).

There are a few songs which may find a place in a down on his luck DJ’s playlist. But nothing noteworthy.

The only thing Kool about KKHH3 may be the scene where Tusshar Kapoor copies Salman Khan’s character from Kick and gives it a sexual touch. It is funny not because of what the director wanted it to be, but infact because Tusshar Kapoor looks so bad in that French moustache that we smile. And the only “Masti”you will have is when you spend those 200 rupees on some beer instead of paying for a ticket to watch “Mastizaade”.

gobblscore: Seriously guys!

gobblpoint: Stay indoors!! There are 2 of these movies! Stay indoors.


Disclaimer: The images used in this blog are the sole property of the makers of this film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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