The “Deadpool” Review


“What doesn’t kill you, makes you weirder.” and Deadpool is the quintessence of this profoundly strange quote. Stuck in the Marvel pipeline for a decade (yes you read that right!), the “mouthy merc” has been playing hide ’n seek about its production since 2014 when the first rumours surfaced about it being in the works. The script for this deeply complex character had remained in the shelves for so long that while taking on the part of the Green Lantern, Ryan Reynolds was reported to having called Fox and asking them if accepting this part would slow down the schedule of Deadpool. After a point, the comic fandom had almost given up about this movie ever making it to life. But…(to be read with *jazz drumroll*) in 2015, one of the Marvel staff (or whoever that angel of god was), allegedly, leaked a live action scene to the public therefore forcing Fox studios to wave a green flag to the shebang.

One of the most anticipated movies this year, Deadpool did not disappoint us ! With the thousands of memes that were floating around the internet about Ryan Reynolds getting a second chance after the pitiful Green Lantern, with “Don’t f*ck this up Ryan!” captions,  there had to be a lot of pressure on Marvel and Fox especially about a character who was a cult among the fans and also after the lack-lustre cameo in X-Men Origins:Wolverine. However, the brilliant story-telling by debutanté Tim Miller and a cracker of a script by Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, ensured that Wade Wilson was projected exactly as the creators Rob Liefeld and Fabian Nicieza would have wanted him to be – a crass, cynic war veteran with a citric sense of humour and a blurry line when it came to morals.

No matter what we say, people love anti-heroes and are able to connect to their inherent flaws much more than the greek gods that abound the superhero universes. Batman became much more alluring to us after Nolan’s dark treatment and the portrayal of his relationship with the psychotic new Joker. Hancock came close to perfection except for its badly written second half which was received half-heartedly by the audience. This trend will possibly spill into the upcoming highy anticipated Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice which teases at having given a darker avatar to the beloved Man of Steel.


With a great movie, comes great responsibility for great marketing and the Deadpool Team did a smack-on-the-face campaign with the cheesy Nicholas Sparks-ly posters to confound the unknowing audience making the movie seem like a heartwarming tear-jerking romantic film (which it most certainly is not…or is it?), at the same time making the fans chuckle with mirth saying to themselves – “This is exactly how Deadpool would have done it!”. Its not just about introducing a new character here but giving a personality to the film, a distinctive aura which would make it stand out from the crowded landscape of Superhero franchises. This personality resonates throughout the film with a consistency which brings authenticity to not just Wade Wilson but Ryan Reynolds as well.

Oh and did we mention the perfectly timed pop-culture references that make Deadpool, Deadpool ? Bringing this unique characteristic from the comics into the big-screen so perfectly requires a lot of vision and to curate them into the correct spaces is sheer precision. In one of the scenes when Deadpool stands at the door of the Xavier Academy (Yes, the X-men universe coincides with this one) with Colossus and Negasonic at the door, he quips – “Wow, this is such a big house, but it’s only the two of you here. It’s like the studio didn’t have enough money for another X-Men movie.” This was hilarious as we actually don’t get to see any other X-men in any of the Xavier Academy shots. We are dying to quote some more but you would hate us for revealing them (and there are many) so uh-uh *zipped*

Deadpool has set the standards for the superhero flicks for this year and beyond. We have a feeling that things will not be the same in 2016 and we would see an amount of maturity in these films that would pave the next decade for new characters. We just can’t wait for a sequel to this crazy a** guy!

gobblscore: 7.5/10

gobblpoint: After reading all that, you still need a point ? I mean is it so difficult to get all this stuff inside your lobotomised head ? Just trust us for once and go watch that dammit, just go….don’t make us come after you now…pfft !

Disclaimer: The images used in this blog are the sole property of the makers of this film. We do not own them in any form whatsoever.

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