The Oscar Cheat codes: “5 Steps to become an Oscar expert in office”


Office water cooler/ cafeteria chit chat can be a real torrid time if you know nothing about the hottest topic under discussion. 50% of the people in that group are speaking only to sound cool, 30% know snippets about the event/topic, 15% actually make sense and their debate holds some weight and the one guy who has apparently lived under a rock all these months is, You!!!!!  Add to that, the new HR management trainee also sashays through and joins the group (because why not, she’s in Human resources and a management trainee.Duh). And the hottest topic doing the rounds at this time of the year, apart from Smriti Irani’s passionate rebuttal and political salvo are, the Oscars. So basically, you are screwed! Either you remain silent and come across as a doofus or, you salvage the day by working overnight on the Oscars. Fret not dear friend, the friendly neighbourhood guys from screengobblr are here to assist with screengobblr’s “Guide to being an Oscar expert in 5 small yet effective steps”. Ting Ting Ti Ding!

Here is the 5-step tutorial to becoming an expert. Where are your notepads?

  • Poor Leo: Just like a kitten in distress, this topic generates a lot of awws and unites people. But remember! Always be the guy with the opening statement or one of the movers. Once the room gets into the act, just pick up your hypothetical popcorn and your hypothetical 3-D glasses and enjoy the show. Also play cheerleader and close the topic with the “Go Leo” shout out.
  • Ask this question:“How many black people does it take to win an Oscar??”……wait for it…watch their puzzled expressions for a minute and say, “Exactly!” and walk away dropping the mic. You Sir have just hit the nail in the head !
  • Mug up these interesting trivia:
    • Meryl Streep has been nominated for an Oscar 19 times and Jack Nicholson 12 times.
    • The 3 most successful Oscar movies are: Ben Hur, Titanic & Lord of the Rings: Return of the King with 11 wins in a single night.
    • The unconfirmed, yet popular story behind calling it the Oscars is that the Academy librarian Margaret Herrick saw the trophy and said it looks like her uncle Oscar.
    • The qualifying criterion for a movie: It must be more than 40 minutes in length and must have released in the previous year in at least the Los Angeles County.
  • Trash Bollywood: Remember, watching Hollywood is also synonymous to being in the “cool” category. Even if it means you watched them with Bhojpuri subtitles. Feel the air. If they sound to be against Bollywood in general, go ahead and trash Hindi movies. Use Tusshar Kapoor’s 2 movies released in January as your defence. And anyone who tries to counter you by bringing to the focus amazing movies like Masaan, Titli etc, give them the death stare. You are in command!! Not that savvy out-of-MBA-college Business Analyst type !!!
  • Lastly, if you have an hour or two, go through the loads of articles, reviews and analysis on screengobblr. Your one stop destination for movies. Also suggest to the group enthusiastically, “Hey Guys, have you gone through this crazy fun blog called screengobblr!! Its dope!!!”

We guess, if you follow the above points religiously, no one can see through your lack of knowledge. “A little learning is a dangerous thing”, but that doesn’t stop institutions from running Crash courses in every corner and lane! This is our attempt at one. Cheers!












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