The Oscars List


Ok, please put your pens down! All those movie analyses and reviews round the year have brought us to within hours of the biggest awards night in movies across the globe. Everyone has their list ready, at least in the top categories, and we at screengobblr have also prepared our list of predictions for the top 10 categories for the 2016 Academy Awards.

A brief about how the list was compiled:

To arrive at the final list of movies which will take home the coveted statuette we reviewed them publicly and for some of them, we made notes personally for revision at a later time. We have accounted for 2 factors on the side:

  1. The late surge gained by a movie due to its high profile marketing and a convenient release date keeping in mind the Oscar nominations timeline.
  2. The numerous award shows (especially the Guild Awards) which act as the precursor to the cremé de la cremé ceremony also serve as an indication.

Here is our list of winners we think will walk away with the awards and also the nominees which are actually deserving of a win:


Will Win: Firstly, let us explain the logic. This is a 3-way competition between The Revenant, The Big Short & Spotlight. Now, as per the voting method, every member needs to give his choices from 1 to 8. So the people who rate Spotlight higher, might also rate The Big Short higher than The Revenant. Spotlight released earlier, so might have lost a bit of momentum. The Big Short is a story which touched a lot of lives directly and was so hard to make into a commercial flick without alienating the audience. That success may just pull it in front of The Revenant. Phew! We think it will be The Big Short.

Should Win: The Revenant. It was a visual and visceral treat. The acting, direction, cinematography everything culminated into an experience fit to be seen only in a theatre. And that’s what movies should be, an experience.


Will Win: Leonardo Dicaprio. Only person standing between him and the Oscar this year is Eddie Redmayne, but he has already won it at virtually his first attempt at a lead role in mainstream movies! And Leo has not walked to the podium even once in his illustrious career! Bryan Cranston can wait another year or two. His Trumbo, although brilliant, was not as universally appealing and loved as the frontiersman called Hugh Glass.

Should Win: Leonardo Dicaprio.


Will Win: Brie Larson. Room is one of the highest rated movies of the year, and not without reason. Powerful story, a mother-son relationship which touches inner chords and 2 actors who imbibed the characters as if into their souls. Tremblay, the young child from the movie himself deserved recognition, but may be his “mother” will take it for him.

Should Win: Brie Larson. Just lock this one.


Will Win: Sylvester Stallone. Sentiments play a heavy role in this prediction. Creed saw a nostalgic return of Rocky, albeit in a frail and retired manner inspiring a young new fighter, Apollo Creed’s son Adonis to take to professional boxing. Nuanced and matured, it was a departure from what we have come to expect of Stallone.  Also let’s keep in mind, Creed was one of the better movies starring and directed by a person of colour and snubbed by the Academy. At least Stallone can redeem the gaffe by the Academy and dedicate the win to Michael B. Jordan (Adonis Creed) and the director, Ryan Coogler.

Should Win: Mark Rylance for Bridge of Spies. Mark is the best bet for Bridge of Spies to win an Oscar this year. Mark’s restrained, funny in parts act as an accused spy and his natural chemistry with the masterly Tom Hanks was the performance to stand up and take notice.


Will Win: Alicia Vikander. The Danish Girl was another revelation of the acting prowess of Eddie Redmayne. But Alicia Vikander was equal parts effective in knitting together her husband’s struggle. This also takes into account her fantastic work for Ex-Machina.  Kate Winslet has already seen the Oscar limelight, so Vikander seems like the fresher and rising bet.

Should Win: Alicia Vikander.


Will Win: Alejandro González Iñárritu. For the first time in the history of the Academy Awards, a director looks destined to walk home with the award in consecutive years. Just goes to show the vision of this Mexican storyteller. The stories of hardships overcome by The Revenant team are as popular as the bear mauling scene in the movie. Birdman and The Revenant are movies about the search for inner strength and  inherently underdog stories. The Academy loves underdog stories.

Should Win: Alejandro González Iñárritu. George Miller appealed to the adrenaline rush in us with his Mad Max ride. But traditionally, the Academy has shied away from hardcore action movies. Thanks anyway George.


Will Win: Spotlight. This movie did more to bring global focus on the misdoings of certain high orders of the Church than any newspaper coverage could have done. The sensitivity of the topic and the equally honest handling of the story makes it a front runner.

Should Win: Inside Out. Had it not been an animation movie, we might have tipped it to win the award. But animation is normally overlooked by the Academy. But we know the audience loved the ingenuity of Inside Out.


Will Win: The Big Short. All the movies in the category are amazing adaptations. So we think the only criterion will be to analyse which of the 5 movies has the best shot at the Best Picture award. The answer is The Big Short. A complex story told using woman in a bathtub, a chef in a kitchen etc. Come on. Its genius!


Will Win: “Til it happens to you” by Lady Gaga. Preachy,  slightly haunting and backed by the vocals of Lady Gaga herself, all the ingredients are perfectly right for an Oscar.

Should Win: Simple Song 3 from Youth is a classical masterpiece in a field dominated by pop stars.  David Lang’s song is breathtaking and ends the movie Youth on a high. “Earned It” from Fifty Shades of Grey is also a decent selection. Now come on, the most disappointing movie of 2015 had one sparkling thing, the music.


Will Win: Inside Out. This movie can be a representative of the whole decade if there is a prize for animation movie by decade. It missed out on a best Picture nomination, but rest assured about this win.

Should Win: Inside Out.


So, here it is – the culmination of months of analyses and discussion on the most distinctive of films this year and the last. 2015 has been an amazing year in terms of movies and movie-lovers. Although we would have loved to see a few much deserving nominations in Straight Outta ComptonBeasts of no nation and Concussion, we have had some powerful performances and great stories that have given us what we always look out for – an unforgettable experience !

Cheers !

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