The Preview Review

Every week there are a few movie trailers which get uploaded on Youtube and we, as an audience get a feel of what Hollywood has been upto. We also get to judge through these 3 minute trailers which movies we need to look forward to and mark our calendars. Out of all those trailers, we selected five and our review of those are as under:

Captain America – Civil War:

The second trailer of this sequel came out 2 days ago and it is as impressive as the Captain’s perfect teeth (which Ironman wants to punch but we will advise him against doing that). There is something about powerful people fighting each other which makes for great viewing for us average Joes. The trailer fits in almost all the superheroes who take part in the mega brawl of a movie inside the 2 minutes and we also get to see, for the first time, our cute Spidey! The internet is replete with debates about the new Spidey suit,  but let us first appreciate his return and not go all fashion police on him.


Independence Day – Resurgence:

20 years since the highly successful (the original is ranked 51st in the list of highest grossing movie ever) Independence Day, comes the sequel, but without Will Smith. The trailer starts in a sombre note with signs that the aliens whom the earthlings had defeated in the original, have returned, and this time better prepared. Then comes one of the best speeches in movie history, delivered in the original by Bill Pullman (who plays President Whitmore) and as it plays in the background, we are shown bigger alien spaceships enter the atmosphere and there was carnage all around. Nostalgia strikes, no doubt, but we were not immensely impressed with this trailer. Hope that Emmerich can prove us wrong.



“We came, we saw and we kicked its ass!” said Bill Murray in the original 30 years ago. And boy! The movie was a fun ride without pit stops.  The reboot of the classic with an all female cast boasts of comedy queens like Kirsten Wiig and Melissa McCarthy, yet, the trailer looks jaded and unfunny. Not many jokes being included in the 2 minute trailer can be a reason why the dislikes for the video on youtube have increased alarmingly. On the flip side though, comedies around ghosts are such a rarity that we almost pray that the movie will undo the negative effects of the lame trailer. Plus, everyone wanted the reigning queens of comedies, Melissa and Kirsten to work together.


The Secret Life of Pets:

Ok, we have to accept, the teaser for this one was mind blowing while the trailer is at best, good. Household pets behaving all “animal-ly” when their owners are home and going absolutely ballistic once they have the house to themselves, is a terrific premise. But we found similarities with Toy Story and Finding Nemo, maybe also Bolt. Louis C.K. and Kevin Hart take up the voice over mantle, so we just hope the makers have got this one right. Plus it has a poodle named Leonard grooving to System Of a Down’s Bounce. That is cool! Fingers crossed.


The Nice Guys:

We are hooked to this one! Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe in a thriller comedy is exactly what we need during the summer. Russell plays a for-hire enforcer and Ryan plays the goofball private detective and both work together to solve the case of a missing girl. The trailer is funny, action packed and also has bad parenting advice, the perfect combo for a good time at the movie theatres. Plus we get to see the ageless Kim Basinger collaborating with Crowe for their second movie ever. There is a scene of a guy dropping from a building and getting absolutely squashed on the concrete. Its artsy in a totally different way!

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