The minute-review of “Eye in the sky”


Eye In The Sky, directed by Gavin Hood and featuring the Late Alan Rickman, Helen Mirren, Aaron Paul & Barkhad Abdi,  is undoubtedly one of the best movies of 2016. Riveting and tackling plausible warfare scenarios of using drones, this movie shows the ethical dilemma and pass-the-buck approaches which takes place within the swanky confines of military and parliamentary houses and how everything eventually affects the commoners (or in this case, a young girl selling bread by the side of a secret terrorist centre)

Rickman and Mirren play military heads who oversee an operation to eliminate 2 dangerous terrorists and two new recruits who are being prepped for a suicide bombing mission. On one hand they have a rare opportunity to eliminate dreaded terrorists through one drone strike, on the other, they have to account for collateral damage. We see the two military heads debate the government officials as to the moral and political consequences of launching a strike on a friendly country almost reminding us of the classic “A Few Good Men”. There is subtle comedy in the process of getting sanctions which is interspersed throughout the movie, showing that culpability is the worst fear among the higher orders. Mirren’s character is shown as the war minded Colonel who is bent on accomplishing her mission, even if that means playing with numbers to show that she has accounted for the civilian casualties from the strike. The direction is top notch and the script is tight which makes for a compelling viewing and a tense background score keeps you on the edge. This is as real as a warfare movie can get. Also, it is the last movie where we see Alan Rickman and he signs off with a hard hitting last dialogue on screen, “Never tell a soldier he did not know the cost of war”. RIP Sir.

gobblscore– 8/10

gobblpoint– a tight script, top notch performances and the right time for such a movie to come out. Go watch it at a theatre near you. Released on 18 March, 2016

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