The “Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice” Review


“A Letter to DC Comics from a couple of ardent superhero lovers”


Ms. Diane Nelson,

President, DC Comic


Dear Ms Nelson,

In the last few years, there has been an overwhelming supply of superhero movies, mainly from your stable and Marvel’s, and we understand that Marvel is winning this Superhero race as of now, not only through sheer volume but also through variety and quality of supply. But DC always had the trump cards, Superman and Batman to be used whenever threatened. As superhero fans, nothing could be more exciting than the two prominent figures who we had grown up reading, coming face to face for a showdown, dividing loyalties as well as building anticipation.

Alas, it seems the pressure of making a trailer to a franchise of the scale of a Justice League may have taken its toll on you. The heart seems to be missing from the offering and most importantly it seems just another dark DC Comics movie with a conspicuous lack of humour. Expensive CGI is a cliché now. Although we must commend the scale, we cannot but wish there was more driving the caped crusaders than smear campaigns and a manipulative yet, a tad silly, Lex Luthor. We understand the planet needs to be in continued threat in order to justify the huge action set pieces, but don’t you think such super smart and powerful men and women will not be sulky all the time and be funny on occasions? It helps to connect with the audience better you know! Ask Deadpool or a certain Star Lord or even Ironman himself.

Your’s Sincerely,

A few Batman & Superman fans,


The Review of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice

Batman vs Superman is a dour, self aware DC Comics flick with an uncomfortable amount of plot juxtapositions which are incoherent and occasionally feel forced. Dubbed as the biggest gladiator match of all, this movie pits the “alien” demi God against our Gotham’s crusader and fireworks explode and we mere mortals are awestruck! Well, to be honest, we exaggerate. Contrary to what many expected, the epic duel is a fallout of misunderstandings and manipulation from the maniac Lex Luthor, played well, yet resembling a more publicly accepted version of the Joker but with unclear motivations. In fact, we were sometimes surprised at how both Lex and Bruce Wayne think and work alike. They both are wary of Superman’s powers and his threat, so both conclude that the only way to stop him is to kill him. And both go out of their ways to create weaponry and a powerful monster to beat him.

The movie starts of with yet another cameo from Bruce’s parents. Their killing has been shown so many times on the screen now, that we almost hope there is a fast forward button somewhere. The movie then immediately introduces us to the new, older Bruce Wayne and puts him on the streets of the Metropolis during the time Superman fought Zod in the middle of the city. The epic fight from the previous Man of Steel movie is reconstructed and is shown from the POV of Wayne and the horrors that it brought to the people on the street. The collateral damage to the city and the fear of Superman’s power makes Wayne and the city councillor dread the could haves. The next hour or so we see Clark Kent/Superman and Bruce Wayne/Batman cross each other’s path a few times culminating in an adrenaline pumping duel.

The movie focuses more on Bruce Wayne who has grown a bit ruthless as he has grown older. Ben Affleck brings the right mix of a brooding demeanour and the suave billionaire we love watching. Only thing pulling him down may be the ultra dark script. Henry Cavil’s Superman has been made more humane since Zack Snyder took the reins of the franchise and in this one as well he has been shown to be conscious of what the public perceives of him versus what he wants to be. But the highlight of the movie is the appearance of the mysterious Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot, looking amazing in both party wear and the superhero costume). There is no back story shown or reasons given for Wonder woman showing up in various places, in close proximity to our heroes. For a while she resembles a Bond Girl luring our Bat vigilante and making swift exits. But once Batman semi-deciphers her actual purpose and the existence of a few other powerful beings like her’s (yes, Aquaman and Cyborg make blink and you miss appearances) we get conclusive proof of finally the Justice League cinematic universe coming together!

The direction is in parts brilliant and patchy. Snyder had to delve deep inside the psyche of both protagonists but also had to make an epic saga. This apparently made him sway inconsistently between sub-plots which made the movie look more like a sum of its parts rather than a coherent unit. Also there were too many dream sequences. Hans Zimmer’s music is solid and gets the right mood for this serious story. But as an audience, you are not totally sold on the various reasons being given for this almost-apocalyptic duel taking place. We don’t “take sides”, as we all know where the story is headed, not only in this one, but in the future sequels. And when there is a huge jaw dropping moment in the climatic scene, we don’t clutch our hand-rests in fear, but wait for that i-told-you-so moment.

It is epic no doubt and only to be experienced in a hall in 3D. But we realise and ruminate at what it could have been. Marvel’s crown is intact, but we sure hope the next ventures give us more to root for the characters.


gobblpoint—you will have a good time watching this for sure! But if you are an ardent comic book fan/ superhero fan, you will feel a bit of a cringe as the final material is not refined.

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