The “Captain America : Civil War” Review


So you thought superheroes only battled evil, huh kid ? Well grow up ! As of 2k16, all that’s passé. With the advent of Marvel’s Deadpool and DC’s Dawn of Justice, the superhero dimension is astir as all conventions are being broken. Instead of god-like personalities , we have flawed humans with complex emotions now. We now live in a world where heroes don’t always win. Instead of classic victories, we have collateral damage.

Since the beginning of the Avengers franchise, the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) has seen a steady rise in maturity and Civil War perfectly aligns with this vision, setting the foundation for the next era of Marvel. This gradual trajectory which comprises of three Iron-Man movies, two Captain America films and two Avengers extravaganzas, has ensured that every major character has had enough time to grow into his/her individual storyline unlike the extremely ambitious Justice League foundation which tried to achieve a similar evolution in just two pieces from Man of Steel to Batman v Superman:Dawn of Justice, although with a phenomenally different design language.

So let’s cut to chase ! Civil War is based on the backdrop of “a series of unfortunate events” starting from the battle of New York in the Avengers to the Hydra invasion in Captain America : Winter Soldier and the destruction of Sokovia in the Age of Ultron. Oddly similar to the context through which Superman was suddenly being deemed a potential threat, the UN decides to put its foot down and holds the Avengers accountable for the widespread chaos and destruction. As a government senator shows them disturbing images of the hundreds of people who lost their lives and families, the guilt-ridden Avengers find themselves questioning their conscience with divided viewpoints. Even though every one agrees that the loss of life was unfortunate, one party feels that this was necessary for the larger interest and was making the world a safer place while the other party feels that operating outside any known boundaries and without any laws to bind them makes them no different from the terrorists they are fighting against.

Noob Alert: While the new Captain America movie is subtitled “Civil War,” there are several notable differences between the movie and the original Civil War comic event from 2006 by writer Mark Millar and artist Steve McNiven. From the heroes and villains involved to the ramifications of the war, here are the biggest differences.

Check out this cool article about how the film deviates from the source in some key aspects : 13 BIGGEST CAPTAIN AMERICA: CIVIL WAR MOVIE / COMIC DIFFERENCES

Although that’s all nice and good, this is not what makes Marvel Studios shell out box office hits year after year. Unlike DC where stories and plots reign supreme, Marvel loves to diddle with characters and makes the story revolve around them. DC gives you cinematographic shots that will burn into your memory for posterity, while Marvel is like a snort which gives you temporary high. Do you remember the details of Marvel plots ? We don’t. We just remember that we had a good time. That’s Marvel’s essence – great moments, hilarious punchlines and state-of-the-art CGI.

Here’s an interesting podcast about this ongoing discussion – Culture Podcast: We Agree to Disagree on How Bad Batman v Superman Sucked

But wait – that’s all gonna change. You are going to remember this one for sure thanks to the freakin’ awesome cameo of Ant Man and the new recruits Black Panther and wait-for-it…our very own Spiderman ! For the ones who are not living under a rock, know that we were way more excited to see Spiderman than Cappie vs Irondude. Tom Holland plays a much younger (so young that him being in the fight borders on child abuse…) Spiderman who is offered a position by Tony Stark “straight outta school” in his team to which he replies – “But I can’t come, I got homework.” Black Panther is also a lesser known but equally powerful addition to the franchise with an independent film planned by 2017. A King of the Wakanda tribe, T’Challa or Black Panther, finds himself dragged into the mess when his father is killed in a terrorist attack in Vienna. In a very short time, he becomes an integral part of the group with a strong presence and a new-agey Batmanesque suit.

Civil War is probably the spark that the MCU needed. Although the presentation still feels gimmicky when compared to the DC Extended Universe, Marvel has paved a clear path for the next stage. We are excited to see more of this new Spidey, maybe paired up with Hulk, adapted from the hugely popular comic. That would be something ! So, there you go. If you have not been following any of this rant, then Civil War is going to make you a convert.

Get your sh*t together DC !

gobblscore: 7.5/10

gobblpoint: Aside from the fact that you just don’t miss Marvel movies, watch it for some mind-blowing never-before-seen live action sequences. And Spidey, of course !

Disclaimer: The image used in this blog is the sole property of the makers of this film and is not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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