The GoT Roundup : Season 6 Part 1

So we are done with three episodes of Season 6 and yes there have been several WTF moments as one fan put it articulately after the very first episode. Until now, GRRM has written and published 5 books based on which HBO adapted their screenplay. Although there has been a noticeable deviation from the exact story arc in the books, the overall story did not change which kind of gave an upper hand to the reader-group. Until now…

Well we, being a part of the reader-group ourselves, were a teensy bit disappointed what with losing the “upper hand” but then soaking in the anticipation and shock soon overpowered that mopey feeling. Also, since no one knew about the plot, the SPOILERS posted by “that one troll-head friend” in your group, hurt like hell. *applying cream to burnt areas*

Anyway, if anyone’s interested GRRM has released a 3000 page excerpt of The Winds of Winter on his website which you can check out here : Excerpt from The Winds of Winter . Oh and by the way, there will be yet another book after TWOW named Dreams of Spring. And followed by Mangoes of Summer…just kidding about this one.

So let’s get on with what we believe are the major developments in the storyline:

So Melisandre is actually, Melis-a-hundred


Let’s be honest here. She has always creeped us out. There has always been a mystery surrounding her appearance and mannerisms, not to mention all that black magic – drinking poison like sweet wine and smoke coming out of “places”. She has always been that unpredictable wild-card who can sweep in any time and change the whole course of events. What made it even more mysterious was when she stood in front of the mirror and took off her necklace transforming into a gollum-esque old hag. More than just shock, this particular detail suddenly had wide-ranging implications. What else has she seen and been a part of ? One of our friends eerily quipped – “What if she is the witch Cersei keeps talking about who prophesized that she would lose all her close ones ?” It has become evident that The Red Woman is going to play a much larger role in the future.

The Return of Jon Snow, that bastard 


So the proverbial “hero” has returned, revived by The Red Woman, welcomed by the collective sighs of women all over the world. Frankly speaking, we were not surprised. It did not seem logical at all to kill off a character who had to evolve from a socially awkward bastard to Lord Commander, unless there was some ulterior motive for the character. Then, there is also this reason cited by fans that the series is called “The Song of Ice and Fire”. So if one thinks of Ice as the Starks and Fire as the Targaeryens, we can safely say that the two most important proponents of the two houses, Jon and Daenerys, are not dying anytime soon. Especially when they have had so much in common. If you haven’t noticed the obvious – both of them started out without a shred of respect from society, one was a bastard who joined the Night’s Watch to feel socially accepted and the other was a dying House sold to a wild overlord. Both rose up to the top of the hierarchy – one becoming Lord Commander and the other becoming Queen of Meereen. Both had no resources and ended up having their own armies. We think GRRM loves transforming underdogs into the most powerful people throughout his books and we have the same feeling for Tyrion. But let’s hold that thought for now.

So there are questions as Jon Snow walks out of Castle Black declaring – “My watch has ended !”. Where is he going next ? To take back Winterfell maybe ? We need to wait for the next episode to get this answered.

Tyrion “Dragon-tamer” Lannister 


Definitely one of the most gripping moments of this season, it gave rise to some mind-blowing theories about The Imp. Although he has always been our favourite, we have now gotten a definite indication about his significance in the story. As his tiny form is shadowed by Rhaegal and Viserion, we squirm in our seats while he tries to pet them. Again, so many questions – Why did the Dragons not have that easy snack ? Did they really understand that he was trying to free them ? Even then, a snack’s a snack right ? On a more serious note here are some Compelling points that Tyrion’s a Targaeryen.

Add this Dragon-taming feat to this list and the theory becomes even stronger. So besides our favourite R + L = J equation, now we also have an A + J = T. Only time will tell. Although we, personally, feel that we do not want too many Targaeryens in the house. It should not become a one-sided story about just one family. What makes GRRM’s story great is the immense scale and the multitude of great characters. If there has to be a worthy leader who would rule them all, let’s get them into an epic fight and see who wins !

Arya alright ? Yes, I can see ! 


While all the other Starks have been stranded and lost for a while, Arya had taken a completely different path toward finding herself. Having seen her father executed in front of her eyes, she has had vengeance seething inside her. As she kept chanting her “list” of people she wished to kill, she met Jaqen H’ghar who complied with making her list two short as a payback for saving his life and freeing him. However, Arya was enticed by his skill and wished to learn more about his abilities which brought her to the Braavosi Temple where it was imperative to leave all your hatred behind, become a nobody. Defying this one rule, she exacts vengeance on one of her old foes, finding herself blinded as punishment. After being beaten down numerous times by a Temple resident, she finally learns to control her senses and let go of her identity as a Stark. To an answer to Jaqen H’ghar’s – “Who are you?”, she replies – “I am no one.” which seems convincing enough for her to get her sight back. What is left to see is what abilities she would now possess and what she would do with them ? Will she still fight for the Starks or become a lone wolf ? Soon…

Here’s what Maisie Williams has to say about her character : Arya’s Journey through Maisie Williams “eyes”

The new Bran-d of Time-travel


Elusive for a long time, Bran Stark has made an appearance and an important one at that. On the journey towards obtaining his powerful “third eye”, the Green Seer shows him visions of the past – about the childhood of his father (Ned Stark), about his brothers, about Hodor. There is not much else he can really do right now but the visions may take us back to the origins of various characters which would be really interesting to see.


So there you go. As the discussion progresses, we will return with an even more interesting Part 2 as more secrets will be revealed. We have missed the White-walkers so far but we have a feeling they are lurking somewhere near and will make a grand entry or kidnap Jon Snow maybe soon after he walks out of Castle Black. That could be the next WTF moment !

Well, until then…Valar Morghulis 


Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this series. We do not own them in any form whatsoever








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