The GoT Roundup : Season 6 Part 2

We are more than halfway through this season and are still nowhere near finding answers to some of our burning questions or are we ? Before moving ahead, we warn you that if you haven’t watch any of the previous episodes, stop reading right now ’cause the post is dark and full of SPOILERS !

Since our first Roundup where we covered the first three episodes of this season, there have been some astounding developments – some of which were enormous in terms of future implications on the story while some, well, let’s just say we saw them coming from a mile away such as Jon Snow giddying up to take back Winterfell and Daenaerys taking over the Dothrak…

So without further ado, let’s jump into some of the major plot points from the last three episodes and how they might influence the overall story-arc:

Hold the door !tumblr_o7liclC08Z1qhz95yo1_500-1464007025

Of all the revelations ever made on GoT, this might be one of the most shocking and heart-wrenching of all. Until now, Hodor had never been worthy of our attention except for the fact that he had been carrying Bran Stark on his back since as long as we can remember. Being named after the only word that he is able to utter, Hodor was thought of as just a loyal servant to the Starks and even became somewhat popular thanks to several (mind-numbingly dumb) internet memes. But all that’s changed now…

Finally, we have the back-story of the character we knew almost nothing about. Bran, in one of his time-travels into the past, is faced with the “four horsemen” who command the White-walker army. Due to an inexplicable connection (about which we will talk about in a minute), they locate the Green-Seer’s cave and storm in. While Meera carries Bran out of a back-door, she asks Hodor to stand behind and hold that door as they escape. Hodor, fiercely loyal as he is, stands with his back against the fatal door as the zombie white-walkers try to push through. The whole time, Bran is still connected to the past looking at a teenage Hodor aka Wylis who falls down on the ground, his body rocking with violent spasms as he keeps repeating – “Hold the door! Hold the door!”…the last words that he heard, probably, before the White-walkers killed him. As he keeps repeating the words again and again, his facial motor functions reduce and all he can now speak is – “Hodor !”

If that didn’t bring a tear to your eyes, we don’t know what would…

Even though this has been a huge revelation, GRRM has his own plans for how this part will turn out in his upcoming books, especially as one Redditor claims – Martin’s plan for this name-reveal predates the books !

Even though this has been a huge revelation, GRRM has his own plans for how this part will turn out in his upcoming books, especially as one Redditor claims – Martin’s plan for this name-reveal predates the books ! 


Brandon Access Memory*


Bran’s powers are increasing to Yoda-level as we speak and the consequences are now spilling over into reality. You can’t just mess with the past and get away with it can you. Through the many journeys into the past with the Three-eyed Raven, we see Bran becoming more and more curious about his family’s past and the origin of the White-walkers. So much so, that he takes a solo journey into the past finding himself right in front of the Night’s King. However, inexplicably the Night’s King is able to see him and grabs his arm as Bran escapes back into the present but it is already too late. The King’s mark has been made on his arm and through some invisible connection, the White-walker army track them down to the cave.

The connection may be explained by the fact that the White-walkers were actually created by the Children of the Forest to protect themselves from Men, as revealed by one of the children themselves. They may have lost control a little bit resulting in the White-walkers going rogue! However, we are yet to know what really happened.

Adding to the possible explanations, here’s an interesting take on how Bran, seemingly, changed Hodor’s past, resulting in a time-bridge:

Bran somehow gets confused in the stressful moment — perhaps because he simply is not ready to time travel and/or warg at will — and accidentally wargs back into the time of past-Wylis while simultaneously being warged into present-day Hodor. To recap: Bran is accidentally warging in two places

at once. Basically, this mixing of signals somehow leads to Wylis collapsing, screaming over and over again “hold the door,” which is what Bran, who is watching this go down, can hear in present-day Hodor’s ears.

*term coined by us


The return of Uncle Ben ! 


Well, if the title of this section seems like a sick reference to Peter Parker’s Uncle Ben, then you’re right. Anyway, remember the part where we said that there were some revelations that we always expected to happen. This is one of them. Since Season 1, when Benjen Stark first disappeared, we had this strong Sean Bean voice inside which kept saying – “You do not just introduce a Stark and make him disappear!”. We always felt that Benjen Stark would sweep into the story at an opportune moment and cause some intriguing repercussions.

A few theories mentioned that the Night’s King may actually have been Benjen Stark but we now know that’s not true. As Benjen recounts the tale of his capture by the White-walkers and how he was almost converted into one of them, there is a sadness in his eyes which not only shows how much he has gone through but also adds a tinge of mystery to the whole situation. Why was he left alive ? And how could one man escape a horde of Walkers? Is there an ulterior motive ? Will he be the double agent who has been commissioned to deliver Bran to the Night’s King ? Let’s wait and watch !


Even though we are left with just 4 more episodes, there are several ends that need to be tied together to provide some respite to our psychotic brains which are already full to the brim with theories.

Hold your doors until then !


Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this TV series and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.



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