Preview Review : “Justice League”

Drop everything and watch this right now!

So DC dropped too little nukes on us a few days back and our heads have been blown a mile high. Before we talk about that, let’s talk about Batman v Superman : Dawn of Justice for a minute. A lot of people did not like that film. The Martha scene became a joke and the general population easily dismissed a film which could have been a gigantic blockbuster. Well, the film did have some flaws but you know what ? It gave us the Batman! Exactly how he was supposed to be…since forever ! Bale was an awesome Batman but Batfleck is perfect in every sense of the idea behind Batman.

We remember discussing amongst ourselves – “Man, I expected a LOT from this film though its baggage must have become a little too much to handle for Snyder. But lemme tell you this – when combined with the rest of the Justice League, BvS would start to make a lot more sense ! Might even be cultified…as people will remember this as the film where Batman changed his code. He became more visceral !”

Lo and behold, we have this epic trailer now and it looks AWESOME ! Taking it forward from where BvS left us hanging, Bruce Wayne and Wonder Woman are working together looking for meta-humans to prepare themselves against some unknown threat/threats.

Jason Momoa (more popular as Khal Drogo) looks phenomenal. He is huge, commanding, truly a God of the sea. We do not easily see Batman intimidated by anyone but one look at Momoa’s serpentine eyes and huge frame and you’d not dare talk back. The shot of him standing there as waves engulf him from both sides is fantastic. This is where DC puts its foot forward and Marvel starts to look like kiddy business.

There was a lot of criticism on the choice of Ezra Miller as Barry Allen aka The Flash but this trailer would easily dispel all that. Ezra looks perfect as a gangly witty nerd who can move at light speed. As he sees the Bat hook move in slow-mo, he suddenly understands why Bruce Wayne’s come to him as realisation dawns on him that he is Batman. We all probably know how significant a role Flash plays in the DC universe due to his ability to hop across parallel time-frames and changing past and future events. Anyway, you’re most welcome to the DC universe Ezra ! You’ll bring the much-needed dose of humour to this universe…

2015 had us waiting for BvS like crazy. Now 2017 seems far, far away !

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