The top 5 Most Disturbing Movies ever

Genre defining movies generally get elevated to a cult classic in due course of time. These movies are significant milestones in film-making and they have shaped careers and carved a niche in the movie sphere. Romantic movies, Romantic-Comedies, Horror, Adult Comedies, Action, Drama, movies have numerous labels which get clubbed into certain brackets. And we have various lists cumulated by connoisseurs, making it easier for movie lovers to watch movies which are their “type”.

But then, there are movies which are absolutely disturbing. Movies which make us cringe, makes our eyes look away and try their very best to make the viewing experience as uncomfortable as possible. But does that stop movie lovers from consuming the gruesome/macabre stuff served to them? Of course not. This article tries to list the top movies which are disturbing to the core and yet, have a certain fan following among the more gutsy movie lovers.

  • The Serbian Movie—This is ostensibly a movie about a retired porn star who tries to make a come back into the area of his expertise, only to land in the dark world of snuff movies and sodomy. He hallucinates and does inexplicable tortures on victims without being parley to the crimes.

Disturbing scene : the last few scenes of the movie involving his own family tears the audience apart with the vividly graphic portrayal and disturbing imagery. also, the scene where a new born is tortured, is absolutely Nope!



  • Caligula—The claim to fame of this movie, apart from the high profile star cast of Dame Helen Mirren and Peter O’Toole, is the fact that the uncut version of this movie has been banned across various countries. The unsimulated sexual scenes in the movie were the talk of the town at the the time of its release (it released in 1979). Focising on the rise and fall of the Roman Emperor Caligula, it was produced by the adult magazine Penthouse which wanted to make the sexual scenes very detailed.

Disturbing Scene : the fisting scene. Need we say more. Oh! and before that scene there is the scene where the emperor deflowers the bride of a soldier in front of the groom. Artsy, Ain’t it!



  • Begotten—This 1991 movie has no dialogues. Actually, it doesn’t need any to instill disgust in the minds of the movie goer. This movie, shot entirely in black and white narrates the story of the Genesis, albeit by re-imagining it. It has been classified as an Experimental Dark Fantasy Horror Film. But for the benefit of our readers, we should call it plain Disturbing.

Disturbing Scene : the scene where “God” disembowels himself and tears himself piece by piece is plain sore for the eyes.



  • Salo or, The 120 days of Sodom—Simply put, this movie revolves around a bunch of teenage boys and girls who are stark naked throughout the entirety of the movie and made to do ungodly things to each other. Simple and uncomplicated, isn’t it? But the viewing is tough on the eyes.

Disturbing Scene : how to put it in a classy way? Ummm…guess we can’t. So the scene where they have a grand feast with human faeces really makes you cringe with disgust. The explicit sexual tortures are there throughout the movie, so after a point you kind of weirdly get accustomed to watching the same. But the faeces eating scene takes the “cake”.


  • The Human Centipede—This one is a modern “classic” (for lack of a proper word). The storyline makes us wonder about the director’s vision in making a movie where the protagonists are surgically attached to each other’s genitals for more than half the movie. Science and logic are the second casualties in this movie, first being our sense of equilibrium once we get to know the intentions of the evil doctor.

Disturbing scene : the scene where the 3 “parts” of the centipede are frail and are fed forcefully. You will have to watch to grasp the pain in this scene.



These are just few of the movies which have garnered audiences over the years. Film-makers continue to make such movies because there seems to be an audience for such films. Us included, but that is just so that we can analyse them for you.

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