A Potterhead’s take on Fantastic Beasts

For a potterhead like me, Harry Potter is a cult that should not be messed with. Yes, the books were a magnum opus and though the movie franchise did not do justice to the books we still watched every movie religiously and memorised the dialogues (binge-watch much?). We bid young Albus, Lily and James adieu as they boarded the Hogwarts Express and that was it. But then came along Cursed Child and I was thoroughly disappointed, to say the least.

Honest review of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

So it wasn’t with much expectation that I decided to watch Fantastic Beasts ( but my love for you is eternal, Jo) … And boy was I pleasantly surprised!

From the get go I found myself sitting there with wide-eyed wonder, much like Mr. Kowalski, the No-maj baker ( personally I prefer the more British term, muggle, but to each his own). Without divulging much I’ll say that the story woven by JKR is marvellously clever. The wizarding world set in 1920s America is fighting a war of their own, while the world outside is also burning under the effects of the War. In walks Newt Scamander, played by Eddie Redmayne ( you fine fine actor, you), a nerdy zoologist, deeply passionate about all magical creatures who strikes an unlikely image of a hero who now has to save the world from evil. Add to this the delightfully timed comic relief of Mr. Jacob Kowalski, played by Dan Fogler, who unwittingly stumbles into the wizarding world and discovers it, wonder by wonder, just like we did several years ago.


The movie is a visual treat. And of course, like any good movie should, it raises a lot of questions in my mind ( how does an obscurial get created? What’s the background of Leta Lestrange? Whoa.. I didn’t know this movie had Johnny Depp! Can wait to see more of him in the next movies. Wait.. so then who will play Dumbledore?)


“Also, one painfully ironic thing about the movie – Every time the Minister of Magic in USA was called Madam President, you can’t help but compare it to America. They wanted it so badly, they made a movie on it !”

Suffice it to say, I’m hooked again and patiently await the next 4 in this 5 part series. *Cue Hedwig’s theme*


About the writer

moyeeSrimoyee aka “Moyee” is an avid, geeky-eyed reader who believes in the magical world of Harry Potter way more than the real world she cares to inhabit. The easygoing Bong that she is, Moyee aspires to be a writer one day and is in the process of capturing her ‘Niffler’ motivation. 

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