Love you Zindagi



Love You Zindagi, Thank You Life For Being An Awesome Teacher

Dear Zindagi,

You have been springing up new surprises one after the other. Not just in the last six months, maybe seven, but since the last 28 years. Some have been mind-boggling, some eventful and some that have made me cringe, cry and got me frustrated. Life is not without its share of problems, but maybe in my case the share has been much larger. And I am happy that I got a chance to face all of them, with a smile! Okay, I am lying. The truth is I faced the problems but not without experiencing how much one can go through and how depressed one can feel.

And just when I felt things weren’t going my way again, you threw another bouncer at me. And this time, it was an experience that was inspirational and engaging at the same time. Dear Zindagi.

We learn a lot from the books we read, the people we talk to, the situations we observe and the movies we watch. There are a lot of things we also learn by doing things that make us happy. For me, it’s learning through the cinemas.

It not only managed to bring a smile on my face but also gave me a hope that it is okay to accept things if they aren’t going well and embrace it with a smile.

And thankfully, Dear Zindagi released at a perfect time. It not only managed to bring a smile on my face but also gave me a hope that it is okay to accept things if they aren’t going well and embrace it with a smile. Overcoming your inner fears and insecurities is the biggest challenge to survive in the world and the film adequately managed to convey that, giving hope, confidence and a reason to live.

A still from Dear Zindagi

A dialogue by Dr. Jehangir Khan (Shah Rukh Khan) in the film goes like this:
Do not let uncertainties of your past ruin your present and affect your beautiful future.

Can there be any better explanation on how to live your life ?

Thankfully, I haven’t had the need to meet a BD (Brain Doctor) or DD (Dimag Ko Doctor) like Jehangir or Jug!

And now, to my review.

Dear Zindagi may not be as compelling like English Vinglish. Yet all the life-lessons, whether they are shared as ‘gyaan’ by Dr. Jehangir or as Kiara’s story about her relationships, make one think about our own lives. Our inconsistencies to accept things as they are, our worries and our worst fears. The film scores in on delivering a message that it is absolutely normal to be weird and live the life you want to, and you may not be termed as insane for being like that!

Alia Bhatt as Kiara delivers another performance after Highway that will be remembered as one of the highlights in her career. She brings to life a character, which like most of the millennial generation is confused about relationships, and wants an adventurous life, a life of constant change.

Beautifully shot, wonderfully edited and the soothing music by Amit Trivedi just adds on to the beauty of the film. A few repetitive situations and a little inconsistencies in writing can be overlooked. Thank You Gauri Shinde for giving a film like Dear Zindagi.

It might be a little flawed. But nevertheless, it makes up for a wonderful date with LIFE !


About the Writer

Rahul is a big movie-buff like you and is a philosopher at heart. He doesn’t watch movies only for those great stories and beautiful characters. He sees a reflection of life in them and lives through them, expressing his imagination through his musings.


Disclaimer: The image used in this blog is the sole property of the makers of the film and is not owned by us in any form whatsoever.


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