Befikre | Movie Review

Here is the thing, if you have Paris as a backdrop, yet you cannot make us feel the chemistry between the leads, then that’s a failure of epic proportions. Last week we reviewed Kahaani 2 and dedicated an entire paragraph to the charm and mystical lanes of Kolkata. This week’s movie takes us to Paris and we cannot but gush over it’s scenic beauty and how the city sets hearts aflutter as intimacy permeates the air. But Aditya Chopra flounders big time and the final product is another cliché ridden story with a predictable sequence of events.

In the last few years, the hitherto “new” concept of the lead couple having reckless fun in a foreign place and then entangling themselves in the intricacies of relation and commitment has been beaten to death, almost. When the trailer of Befikre came out, it had a similar storyline but looked to be more of a fun ride than a one serving any relationship sermon and heartbreak balderdash. As I entered the theatre, I was more curious about how the director will show an intrepid relation and weave a sweet short movie around it without falling back on to the usual melodrama. But as Bollywood does best, I was proven wrong. The pain while watching the movie was not because of any unbearably dull stretch of sequences, but the pointlessness of them. One of the initial scenes involves our “Delhi ka chora” Dharam (Ranveer Singh) trying to get a date with Shyra (Vaani Kapoor) and she dares him to slap a cop in public in order to “impress” her. With all the audience waiting with bated breath, Ranveer nails the dare and wins over the girl and they sing a song immediately thereafter! And they kiss and dance and dare each other into doing “crazy” stuff! Impact – zero, null, dud.


As expected, after the initial razzmatazz, the director focuses on the issues which come hand in hand with such an arrangement between two people. And soon they break up, but remain friends and help each other with their side love stories and you know where this is going, don’t you? Aditya Chopra gets a born-for-this role actor in Ranveer Singh and an average Vaani Kapoor. Naturally, the focus is on showing the histrionics of the new flavour of Bollywood, Ranveer and he nails the part and basically keeps the audience from leaving midway through the movie. Vaani is decent in parts while looks off during emotional scenes. The movie being relatively short 2 hour long, the rest of the cast does not get much to do, which also gives away the “suspense” that these friends-with-benefits will get serious at some point in the movie. It is just a waiting game till then.

Vishal-Shekhar’s music is a disappointment. Apart from “Nashe si chad gayi” not one of the songs in the movie will remain with you after you step out of the theatre. And this takes us to the logical question as to what has happened to this otherwise prolific duo who had given us melodious music in movies like Jhankaar Beats and Om Shanti Om in the past? Since 2010’s Anjaana Anjaani, they have not been able to give a single hit album.  And mind you, they seem to work only with the leading actors and directors like Shah Rukh Khan and Karan Johar and now Aditya Chopra. Even if there is very less scope of a pure romantic number in a roller coaster ride like Befikre, still the peppy numbers are themselves forgettable, so thank heavens there weren’t any more songs.


Befikre is about beautiful looking people having a fun ride in visually stunning locations. Honestly, as a movie aficionado, I have had enough of this show of scale and production value in big banner movies from the Johar and Chopra camp. Ranveer’s crazy ways in our very own Janakpuri, Delhi in Band Baaja Baaraat was double the fun than this spineless one dimensional take on “modern love” is. In one of the scenes, Shyra keeps looking at a man while Ranveer tells her that by staring at him, he is not going to turn back. Shyra retorts that its not the 90s and she is only checking his well crafted derriere. Sorry, this may not be anything like the 90s with the number of kisses per minute, but this still feels like old wine in a new bottle.

gobblscore : 5/10

gobblpoint : Let me distract you here. Watch Ranveer Singh in Ram Leela or Band Baaja Baaraat to admire his comic timing and physique. Watch Vani Kapoor in Shudh Desi Romance, she looked much lovelier in that movie. Watch Friends with Benefits or No Strings Attached for better comedy. Hope I have changed your mind!

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of the film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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