7 Days 7 Short Films-Part 1

A short film works both as an instant gratification and as a message which is to be pondered over long after the film is over. It’s like a well written limerick which always starts with good rhyme and measured sentences, but ends with a clever twist, almost in a lurch. I have been fascinated with short films since the time I started appreciating the art of conveying emotions and stories through celluloid. India is still to gather pace in this aspect, as the short film genre is still very sparsely populated. Directors “experiment” with such movies once in a while, but when they do, they create some amazing content.

To make your job easy, we bring to you a few selected Indian Short films which have stirred our creative self and we strongly believe that they will coax you into watching more such films.                                                                                     EL’AYICHI

This movie, starring the very versatile Nimrat Kaur and the actor who played the role of a guy who is perennially exasperated with girls in the movie Pyar ka Punchnama (Divyendu Sharma), is an exploration of love transcending our mortal world. Nimrat plays the role of a wife who is struggling to get over her dead husband as his spirit/voice grips her to an extend where she believes they are living together with the outside world oblivious of his “presence”.

Nimrat’s character belies the obvious pathos in her life due to her loss, as she engages in banter with her late husband on a daily basis. The director Devashish Makhija does a good job of trying to establish chemistry in the few minutes he has to make the characters endearing. Attention to details, the close up shots of the main characters and focus on inanimate objects like a stuffed dodo, the cigarette in Nimrat’s hand (obvious attempt at forgetting her past) make the film all the more gripping. The abrupt ending makes us sit back and contemplate. Watch it here and let us know your thoughts.


Disclaimer: The image and link used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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