7 Days 7 Short Films | Part 2


Hostel is a project by Film & Television Institute of India, Pune featuring the, now popular Rajkumar Rao, in one of his first projects during his college days. The story focusses on an uptight girl who joins a medical college and is grossed out by the lack of basic hygiene in her hostel and the attempted casual ragging by her seniors. The story is inspired by a similar real life incident which took place in Calcutta Medical College and gives you the chills in the last few seconds of this 10 minute story. Rajkumar plays the role of one of the seniors who antagonizes the girl and is dead set on teaching the girl a lesson.

The film has it’s flaws in its making with the shaky camera work, few unconvincing side actors, but I consider it to be an addition to the unrefined feel of the film overall which in turn underscores the horror element. There’s tension throughout and you know the girl is getting into a morass due to her general rude behavior.

Keep in mind that this short film came out close to a decade ago and was a product of a college initiative by few acting school graduates, so we can overlook the flaws and focus on what it gets right. The ending will stupefy even the really hardened amongst you and through this hard hitting end sequence, it makes a case against the stigma called ragging in colleges. Watch it here—

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