7 Days 7 Short Films | Part 3

“Bombay Mirror”

Rajkumar Rao stars in this short film which , despite it’s 3 minute run time, manages to jolt you with a pertinent message in the last few seconds. You don’t really see the end coming as we are shown a placid neighbourhood with an unassuming barber shop and a friendly barber talking to his new customer and sharing harmless repartee. Rajkumar Rao plays the customer who is in a hurry as he is supposed to go for an important interview.

I will not spoil the story for you, as anything I say beyond the aforementioned setting will be too much information shared. But the story moves from a languid pace to a galloping final few seconds with a crescendo of emotions which takes you aback. Watch it for the acting and the lesson which it conveys in such small time. Some stories can hit you in the guts with few close-ups itself. This is the best example of such a film.

Follow the link here–

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