7 Days 7 Short Films | Part 6

3 Shades

During the last few seconds of this short film, the crying child beggar stares at the camera for all but two seconds. If those two seconds made you uncomfortable, then the purpose of this hard hitting yet simple story is served. 3 Shades shows the necessitous underbelly of Mumbai where the voices of the needy drown in the clamor created by the well endowed ones where we conveniently ignore the dark alley of the city in which such stories are written every day. We see such young beggars daily during our commute, but don’t even acknowledge their existence, unless they have a rose to sell and we are with a loved one, or a flag to sell on Independence Day.

3 Shades also questions your artificial patriotism on the designated days for India’s sovereign celebration. Within the span of 24 hours, our excitement of owning a national flag wanes alarmingly. This short film will make you look at the road side child beggar differently next time he comes knocking at your car window. The film also shows the syndicate which runs such a dirty circle of beggars. We as ordinary citizen should come forward to eradicate such form of child labour, one child at a time.

Watch it here–

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