Key & Peele | Top 5 Sketches

Comedy series over the years have evolved in both structure and treatment, from dramedies  like M*A*S*H and The Wonder Years to the revolutionary The Mary Tyler Moore Show with a working woman as the pivotal character, to the surfeit of comedy shows featuring a group of friends going through everyday tribulations and following their aspirations in the 90s and early 2000, eventually serving a gamut of fast-food like episodic shows which are presently gracing our screens, like The Big Bang Theory, Two and a Half Men etc. But most of them peculiarly lacked elaborate settings and productions, unlike dramas which impress us with grandiose sets and ostentatious backdrops, albeit focusing on good jokes and charismatic characters as a means to drive their stories.

This changed with Key and Peele. This Comedy Central’s highly popular 5 season show had everything, clever plots, visually stunning locations and sets and actors with impeccable chemistry and comic timing. One episode is enough to delineate it’s unusual, and often preposterous premises and distinguish it vis a vis any show you must have come across. Well fleshed out gags, unusual plot lines, over the top set-ups and two actors (and writers) who seamlessly get into the shoes of any character, this show often borders on maniacal, and how! We select 5 of their top sketches which we have watched more than a dozen times each and we’re sure you will too, once Key and Peele grows on you.

Substitute Teacher

This gag has got more than a hundred million views on the official Youtube page. A substitute teacher runs havoc in a class with his weird way of pronouncing the names of the students ending with a subtle reverse racism subtext. Check it here–


High on Potenuse

This sketch escalates from a careless joke in a math class to a national comedic phenomenon in no time. Anything i say here will not even be half as impressive as this crazy sketch. Watch it here-


 Pizza Order

This one is actually a heart wrenching story of solitude and how a short pizza order over phone touches us on an emotional level. But trust Key and Peele to give it a comedic twist like no other. Another of their most loved gags.


 Boxing Press Conference

A short backstory about this one. This sketch is inspired by the famous “I’ll f*** you ’til you love me, fa***t.” rant by Mike Tyson in one of his pre-match outrages against his opponent. Peele even looks like the boxer in this one. And that Dan King lookalike waving two American flags is just hilarious. Watch it here–


Obama’s Anger Translator

When the president of the United States watches the sketch and invites Luther (Key) to stand beside him during his speech in the White House Correspondents Dinner, you know you have hit a home run. Key plays Luther, Obama’s anger translator who minces no words even as President Obama is calm and composed during his addresses. Watch the gag and the actual White House dinner bit here–



We will let you explore their other amazing sketches on your own. Don’t blame us if you end up bingeing on Key and Peele tonight.

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