Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 | Guest Review | by Jinal “Groot” Trivedi



The Review

I am Groot. I am Groot. I am Groot! I AM Groot! I am Groot. I am Groot. I AM GROOT! I. Am.Groot.


I think I have forgotten how to English!

What a mind-blowing fantastic sequel to an equally fantastic movie!

I happened to see Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 1 entirely by fluke. It was a less known movie with a lesser known cast. What attracted me to the movie was the trailer. It showed promise of a movie filled with action, humor and a whole bunch of good songs. So I watched that movie. Multiple times. And that’s how a bunch of misfits made way into my heart. Especially Groot, who turned into baby Groot! Just soooooo adorable!

Usually sequels just never live up to the greatness of the first movies (except movies like Baahubali!). But boy was this sequel every bit as good if not better than the first volume! 

I was captivated by the very first sequence. The team trying to battle an alien, with baby Groot cutely grooving to some great music. The entire choreography was enthralling! How in sync were they all!?


I was so happy to see the brand of humor alive with this one! It’s not an easy job to do situational comedy, and hats off to this movie for pulling off perfectly timed humor, none of which seemed like a drag. It was a total Laugh-Out- Loud kind of movie, with Groot doing some adorable comedy, Drax adding in with his social inappropriateness and Rocket and Quill with their on point remarks. Even the new character Mantis did a great job with the comic timing, the scene from the trailer is just a small preview!

Something that I found absolutely brilliant in the movie was the division of screen time and screen presence. It’s very easy to lose track of both in a movie which has multiple heroes. And even Marvel has been known to succumb to that (think Tony Stark and Hawk Eye contrast in Avengers). But this movie, even after having at least 5-6 characters to focus on, did justice to each one of them! The character development was impeccable and brought out great depth and understanding to each one of them! Each character followed his/her own story in terms of the character arc while beautifully falling in place with the entire movie overall. The suspense on Quill’s heritage is finally revealed and forms a central part of the story of this movie.


And apart from the Guardians, even characters like Nebula and Yondu were given powerful back-stories and their acting was just a cherry on the icing! Yondu quickly climbed the ranks to the top of my favorite characters list with his quirky wit and *moral* code. Along with the humor came some emotional moments as well, and I feel they were handled very maturely, even if some of them culminated in more humor. Also, before I forget to mention, there’s a teeny tiny part played by Sylvester Stallone, which I’m sure will be explored in the next movie!

The action sequences were brilliant but fell just a tad bit short of the ones in Vol.1. They were far fewer in number and not as insane as the whole save the Galaxy bit in the first one. But overall they seemed to be well-placed and well designed to the tunes of some insane 80s music!


The cinematography was great, some visuals were breath-taking. I especially liked the planet Ego picturisation. A perfect world, a perfect planet, just like god (not the capital G) would imagine it to be. I was so glad to watch the movie in 3D. Because if any movie needs to be watched in 3D, it’s this one. Nothing else can do justice to the grandiose of outer space than good 3D!

And last but definitely not the least part of this movie was the music. Awesome Mix Volume 1 found its way into my frequently played tracks and I’m happy to say Aweosme Mix Volume 2 will just follow suit! The eargasmic perfectly-capturing- the-situation- and-super- funny music continues with this movie!

The review is not over yet, because what’s a marvel classic without post credit scenes? And this movie has an unbelievable number of them! If I count from the time the movie actually ended and credits started rolling, there were 5 scenes, some just logically following where the story left in the movie, but some, as usual, dishing out some teasers for what to expect next in the marvel universe.!


About the writer

Jinal (n.) – A highly excitable human. Said to be on an eternal quest for finding happiness. Frequently sighted near places serving food. Devourer of entertainment in the form of books and movies. Can chatter nine to dozen if baited with an interesting topic.


Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever. 

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