Ghosted | Pilot Review

Ghosted released yesterday, Sunday, October 1st and the series is just the perfect divertissement you needed to relax on a laid back Sunday afternoon. The makers of the series cognize the potential of buddy cop camaraderie between stars Adam Scott and Chris Robinson and jump straight into it without spending too much time in establishing background. And from then onwards, it’s basically the two of them going through the awkward task of getting to know each other, also touching sensitive nerves in the process and then bailing each other out of tricky extraterrestrial situations.

There is good amount of action included in the 22 minutes run time of the pilot and the audience can easily see the potential of this show as it explores multiverses and supernatural occurrences. Pop culture references come and go in quick succession which keeps us engaged in the story, which at times meanders towards the run of the mill. Because come on, there is too much of oddball scientists and secret organisation plots doing the rounds on TV to be totally engrossed in another one. What works for Ghosted however is the easy on the eyes antics and comic timing of the two leads. I can also see where the series can go from here if it takes the spoof-adventure route. Cop comedies have always worked with the audience, Brooklyn 99 , Angie Tribeca being frontrunners in the genre. Where Ghosted can bring in it’s own set of loyalists is by having the cops tackle the supernatural and aliens while keeping the jokes coming and making Adam and Chris get into more crazy situations while giving them just the perfect amount of seconds to deliver that killer one-liner.

TV is so populated with genre specific shows and cult shows today that to find a spot for a new one can be a bit overwhelming, specially without an A List actor to carry the load. That’s where the marriage of two genres can work wonders. And that’s where I see potential for Ghosted.

The first episode was fun and I was left asking for more. Adam Scott has been a charmer in Parks and Recreations and I totally bought his misunderstood scientist role in this new series. While Chris Robinson is funny as always. Check out for the scene where the scientist explains ‘multiverses’ to his scientifically-challenged partner. The only thing Chris’s character seems to be bothered about during that scene is having the best version of Kevin Spacey in our universe. There are a few more laugh out loud moments which makes the show endearing. Hope the writing is consistent and they don’t rely on the chemistry of the leads entirely to pull through the season.

Stream Ghosted on Hotstar now.

gobblscore: 7.5/10

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