Golmaal Again | Review | Ajay Devgn | Tabu

After a run time of around two and a half hours, the end credits roll out proudly proclaiming “A Film by Rohit Shetty and Team”. I am sure, Rohit Shetty includes the word “Team” only to share the blame for making an unapologetically vacuous and pea-headed series of sequences characterized by over-acting, blaring noises and shamelessly intrepid use of colors which is glorified as a mass entertainer. If Golmaal Again is a mass entertainer, then a funeral is New Year’s Eve. Rohit Shetty is an audacious director and I respect him for that. It takes sheer steadfastness to keep cooking the same meal and serving the audience every few years.


This has been the fourth Golmaal movie in the last 11 years. When the first Golmaal came out, the world had not even heard of The Great Recession, George W. Bush was the US president, and Yahoo! was planning to acquire a small start-up called Facebook. Since then, the taste, content, exposure to western movies has all come a long way in India. We are binge watching content from a variety of producers and are open to newer ideas. Alas, the obdurate Rohit Shetty has stayed the same and his movies have become a torture fest of loud dialogues and grown men behaving like imbeciles. It pains me to see talented actors like Ajay Devgn, Tabu and Arshad Warsi spew insipid one liners like “ itna dark ke daakiya bhi daak nahi layega” (so dark that a postman cannot carry posts), “flat dekh ke tum flat ho jaoge” (you will go flat looking at the Flat). They deserve much more than this. If Ajay Devgn can balance on two cars and do stunts, I am sure with better dialogues he can make the funny bones tickle. Infact Ajay is one of the reason the movie is bearable to some extent. To watch an industry veteran honestly follow instructions to appear a caricature and make weird faces which are supposed to evoke laughter is commendable at the very least. Same is the case with Johnny Lever who gets slapped around as he has a habit of forgetting things. This is Bollywood’s greatest medical trick, used since decades to make somebody recover his memory, you just need to slap the lights out of the person and lo behold!

There is one sentence used throughout the movie which feels like a tagline for every Rohit Shetty movie over the years. “Jab God ki marzi hoti hain, tab logic nahi sirf magic hota hai “ (when God wishes, there isn’t any logic but only magic). No Mr Shetty, you are not getting away with requesting us to sit through something which defies even the slightest logic and is also regressive. Most of the jokes come from weird facial expressions, innuendos, utter chaos out of nowhere and of course making fun of the physically challenged, because, why not.


Great actors like Tabu and Nana Patekar sleepwalk through the movie, yet perform better than Shreyas Talpade and Tusshar Kapoor combined. One thing that stands out positively in any Rohit Shetty movie is the comfort with which he directs multiple people in the same frame. The ensemble cast does not get a character arc, yet they get almost equal presence in the story and seem to be there with a purpose. In fact the cast seems to be increasing with every part of the franchise, yet Rohit Shetty includes them seamlessly in the story.

Golmaal Again tries to somewhat venture out of the ‘rivalry between characters’ plot line to include horror along with vengeful spirits into it as a diversion, yet it fails to make us care for anything going on. It could still have been funny if the gags had laugh out loud stuff, but sadly the over indulgence takes front seat and writing is almost non existent. Some of the jokes are so mediocre that we will rebuke anybody who dare crack them in front of us. And here we are spending almost 300 bucks and buying popcorn for 300 more to watch this slogfest on the big screen.

Rohit Shetty should try something new, or go back to hosting adventure shows on TV. But who am I to opine, the movie is still minting money, so obviously there is an audience for such movies. Which is as sad as watching Prakash Raj dancing like a man on drugs.


gobblpoint—No point in going for this one. No point even watching it at home. No songs with hummable quality. In short, as pointless as a broken pencil. (apologies for the sad PJ)

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of the series and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever. 

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