Thor : Ragnarok | Movie Review

When the first poster of Thor : Ragnarok came out, it had a distinct retro 1980s feel to it. The font used was WordArt and reminded us of the poster of the cult classic Tron (1982).


The poster signified a change, a welcome one at that, from the often sombre overtone of the previous Thor installments to a more lighter version of our beloved Lord of Thunder (oh, apologies, ‘God’ of Thunder). The deviation from previous stoic self of the superhero meant we were welcoming a totally fresh version in this rather saturated superhero genre. I am sure the Marvel bosses realized the over supply of earth attacks and ego clashes between the leads was getting all too repetitive and they let their hair down (and sheared some off Thor too) and gave the audience what they had been craving for ever since Civil War released.


They took a risk of sorts to veer out of the set template of Marvel movies and changed the dynamics and tonality to accommodate light hearted banter and characters who were less self-aware and more open to a joke or two in the middle of the inter galactic tussles. This does not mean that the change works entirely. We see a Hulk talking too much and appearing comical and even stupid, quite in contrast to the overall internal struggle projected by Mark Ruffalo so well in the previous movies. Also, the story in itself does not have anything fresh to offer in the Thor storyline, but this movie gallops towards success riding on the shoulders of director Taika Waititi. The director finally does away with the laborious Earth sequences and love interest angle and focuses on the other worldly beings and their struggle against the sinister Queen of Death, Hela. Cate Blanchett brings charm and notoriety to the character and is a formidable foe for both our protagonists.


Thor as a franchise has always flattered to deceive in its execution. We have Ironman, the Cap, Hulk, Black Widow etc who are all earthlings and have comparatively limited scope of taking us somewhere totally beyond the usual. With Thor, there are no such boundaries, yet, the audience was left wanting more. Thank heavens for Thor : Ragnarok! They made a movie with colours and brush from the start till the end. You can almost start watching the movie from any scene and reach the end and still marvel at the palette on display. Which also means the story is slightly predictable. Don’t get me wrong, the references and character arcs are in place, and the cameos are also quite fun to watch. But in the end, it remains simply a mega mission to eliminate Thor and Loki’s rogue sister Hela.


Marvel is realizing the audience’s craving for multiple superheroes in every movie they produce.(I am counting Stan Lee as a superhero too! A proper article on this theory sometime later). There is something about fearless superhumans and demi-gods coming together and kicking petty ass and at the same time crack jokes at the expense of each other and behave naively when they get a few moment’s break from ‘Smash’ing and throwing hammers. With Thor, we also have the sibling rivalry angle to the proceedings. Loki has been a fan favorite since the first Avengers movie. He is one character we know is upto nothing good, yet, don’t want him to be disposed of that easily.

Waititi is the star of the movie apart from the VFX team and of course Chris Hemsworth himself. He gives us the best version of Thor and makes us care for our leads and gives us cameos which are some of the best ever in any Marvel movie. Jeff Goldblum steals the show among them all with his Grandmaster act. Notwithstanding some cheesy lines, his appearance on screen keeps the audience glued to the screen even as the script starts faltering a bit in the middle.


The entire look of the movie is a superhero fan’s wet dream with the canvas painted with bright colours and effects which are otherworldly, in a literal sense.

Marvel has reinvented the Avengers universe with this offering and we can only anticipate earnestly for the future movies to release. We all know Infinity Wars will bring all the superheores together to fight the numero uno bad guy Thanos. What Thor:Ragnarok has done is made us care all the more for our superhero and stand by his side when the final showdown comes along.


gobblpoint—Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddlestone, Cate Blanchett, Jeff Goldblum and Tessa Thompson give us some of the collest one liners to go with some insanely good looking sequences. Go watch it!!

Disclaimer: The images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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