Oscar Nominations : Initial Reactions

Old Mr Oscar is a nonagenarian! Let us raise a toast to years of serving us with great speeches, heartfelt odes, the most retweeted selfie ever and a whole lot of genuine emotions which stir us up year after year. I guess, since all of these people are movie actors and makers, emotions flow more eloquently from their hearts with teary eyes adding to the saccharine scenes.

The nominations for the 90th Oscar awards are out and they throw in some surprises as well as recognise the crowd and critics favourites. We look at a few of them:

Best Movie

No Surprises here. All the ususal suspects make it to awards night. Get Out continues garnering momentum throughout the year. We have to remember that certain times, the movies which release at the start of the year may fall out of sight in front of recent bulldozing hits. Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri and The Shape of Water look to be runaway favourites at this point. But do not count The Post out. Steven Spielberg product after all!

Best Actor

The stars are shining bright in this category. Daniel Kaluuya will be over the moon just to be in the august company of legends like Daniel Day Lewis (for the last time in a movie), Denzel Washington and Gary Oldman. Gary Oldman won the Screen Actor’s Guild award, which puts him at the forefront. But never ever count out Daniel Day Lewis. His tailoring expertise in Phantom Thread may just knit him a win.

Best Actress

Meryl Streep. I sometimes wonder why the Oscar Statuette is not renamed MERYL. This woman gives performance after performance which are as diverse as they come. But I will not look through Sally Hawkins. She comes with 12 other Oscar nominations for her movie Shape of Water, so she will feel confident of a win.

Best Director

As much as I hate to say it, this category looks like a forgone conclusion. Guillermo Del Toro has made a movie about science fiction and love and emotions. His expertise in making The Strain, Hellboy etc which tackled other worldly creatures makes him one of the greatest in the Sci-Fi genre. But the emotional depth of Shape of Water has pleasantly surprised many. Christopher Nolan doesn’t seem to have many fans in the Academy, so he might just have to wait another year.

Best Supporting Actor

Seems like a toss up between Richard Jenkins and Sam Rockwell. Or may be Woody will get the coveted statue, what do I know!

Best Supporting Actress

I will not make a fool out of myself trying to predict this category. Anyone can win, as the diversity In performance is wide. Octavia Spencer was brilliant in The Shape of Water and the sheer bulldozing which her movie has done on nomination announcement day, who knows! I am still not calling it two months in advance.

The Academy Awards will be held on March 4th. Join us for the biggest movie awards show on earth!

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