Avengers :Infinity War | Review | (With mild spoilers…very mild)

I wanted to make a video review for this one because come on, taking all the names of the superheroes in the movie will itself take half a page! Well, at least somebody made a video, spoiler free and just the way movie reviews should be I guess.—

Avengers : Infinity War is the absolute manifestation of the word ‘universe’ in the often used ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’. It has been 10 years since we have seen Kevin Feige, Amy Pascal and team construct a storyline, so inter-woven and far reaching that when today, I went to the theatres to watch the culmination of all that effort, I inadvertently became nostalgic. My mind wandered back to all those bewildering scenes from Marvel movie over the years, be it Tony Stark coming out of a desolate bunker in his first Ironman suit, or the elevator scene in Captain America :Winter Soldier, or the funny and satisfying scene in The Avenger when Loki confronts Hulk and starts demanding respect from the brutish monster. What followed next got a resounding applause from the movie goers.


Well, Loki has come a long way from being treated like a piece of cloth in the hands of a maid. Infinity Wars will definitely give even his strong detractors a reason to feel sympathetic and strengthen the ‘Bond’ with his growing followers. But it will be an injustice to start talking about others before we talk about the greatest villain to have graced a Marvel movie, Thanos. His absolute terrifying presence, albeit in few sequences over the years have built up to this movie where he is on a hunt for the Infinity Stones and also a decimation spree. I was pleasantly surprised to see the character arc drawn by the Russo Brothers. We see his barbarism, but we also see him shed a tear or two, we see him driven by a singular motive of creating a balance in the universe, but we also see him sacrificing the only thing which was dear to him. It is as if the writers wanted to make this a story about Thanos and his grand scheme of things while the Superheroes appear sporadically and plan his downfall as a group. But that would be putting things very simply.


Anthony and Joe Russo acknowledge the behemoth they were inheriting and try to make it an epic on all counts. The battle sequences are spread across planets, the dangers are of galactic proportions and stakes are as high as could be imagined. We see, for the first time few of our fan favourite characters interacting with each other, with a common goal of eliminating Thanos. Such interactions are absolute gems and have the audience in splits, none more than when Drax lets his admiration for Thor’s physicality known to all. The Russos stick to the tried and tested formula of humour married with giant action sequences and it makes for good cinema. As a fan, you will have numerous moments of sheer fanboying as you watch your favourite heroes make stylish entrances. At the same time, you will be left nonplussed at the ending and I am sure you will go to reddit and Quora to read about all the Easter eggs and hidden meanings in the movie.

Few of the Easter Eggs you might have missed

  • Red Skull returns—if you remember, Red Skull was the primary antagonist from the Captain America : The First Avenger movie. Hugo Weaving played the baddie in that. Although the character returns in this one, the actor changes. He is played by Ross Marquand in this.
  • Flash Gordon and Star-Lord—this was debated by a lot of fans on the internet and Tony Stark makes a sly reference to it while taking shots at Peter Quill with his trademark one-liners. Both Flash and Star lord share similar trajectories in terms of origin.
  • Aliens Homage—any Aliens fans out here? The sleek homage to the classic and using the same modus operandi to eliminate one of the Children of Thanos was a great sight.
  • Groot and his obsession with video game—this was a tiny Easter egg which may have gone unnoticed if you are not much into video games. Groot is constantly occupied in the movie playing a particular video game which is revealed in one shot to be Defender. The game serves as a premonition of what is to come, as it’s main aim is to ward of waves after waves of alien army.

As for the superheroes, we find them into the battle almost instantaneously. The only time when the movie allows two characters to connect on an emotional level is when Vision talks about the bleak future with his love interest Wanda Maximoff. The Cap is not given much to work with, as he starts strategizing from get go. Tony Stark and Spiderman share the cutesy mentor-mentee relation in this one as well and makes us yearn for more of the two. Avengers :Infinity Wars gives the audience all the thrills and chills and more that they requested for. The scale in which the movie was made is to behold and kudos to Marvel for not making a hash out of it. The cliffhanger ending of the movie augurs well for the next and final instalment as it raises more questions than answers. I just cannot wait for Thanos to be back!!

gobblscore: 7.5/10

gobblpoint: It may just be the final time you will be witnessing some of the top Hollywood stars working together wearing spandex. Are you sold yet?

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