Deadpool 2 | Review | Spoilers | Easter Eggs |and more..

Deadpool 2 is everything a superhero movie is not supposed to be. It is not self-indulgent and there is hardly any overtly brazen machismo, although it is clearly self-aware and sometimes even self-deprecating. And what do we know about people who laugh at themselves? They are the best of people. So here I am, writing about this somewhat misfit in the grander universe of Superhero movies, but one which can easily outlive the others, propelled by it’s sheer audacity and snazzy characters. The jokes per minute in Deadpool 2 makes it a stand up comedy pretending to be a superhero movie, where the comedian instead of wearing casuals and sporting an unkempt look, is wearing air-tight spandex and wields his weapon with gay abandon.


Deadpool 2 ups the ante several folds as compared to the first movie. There are superstar cameos when you least expect, there are movie referencing at it’s best and other movie/character bashing as if they have the best attorneys by their side and some clever sequences which the audience does not see coming. X Force, assemble……and disassemble within a heartbeat and contrary to popular vote, Peter does not save the world from alien invasion.


Deadpool 2 is a writer’s dream. The writers, which also includes Ryan Reynolds, fit in jokes after jokes and use pop culture references from the Passion of the Christ to the 1994 appearance of Juggernaut in the Deadpool miniseries and continue till the end credit scene which is sure to spark some debate. They make it a point to have the audience take mental notes of every dialogue and every cameo. I am sure, Deadpool 2 will feature in more office water cooler side discussions then the Royal Wedding or any latest Trump antics.


The movie makes it’s intentions clear right from the first shot itself when it pays ‘semi’ homage to the great Logan. It is as if Wade Wilson is warming up for crazier things ahead. And boy does it get crazy! Ryan Reynolds emotes from behind a mask and cracks silly and smart jokes with equal aplomb and in equal quantities. Josh Brolin as Cable is dark (almost reminding us of another ‘Universe’ altogether). But he is mostly misunderstood in the first half. The movie leads us to a rescue and eventual transition of a rogue mutant named Russel who leads the pack (X Force) to both perils and adventure and some self realization.

Ryan Reynolds was born to play a superhero, not Green Lantern but Deadpool. You cannot take your eyes away from him for even a split second. His antics, comic timing and screen presence is something to behold. The energy with which he works his magic on the big screen speaks volumes of the hard work he and his team has put in getting this project a green light after almost a decade.

Deadpool 2 is one of the few movies which can proudly proclaim that it improved on the first one. Here’s to more chimichangas for years to come!

gobblscore: 8/10

Disclaimer: the images used in this post are the sole property of the makers of this film and are not owned by us in any form whatsoever.

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