Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom |Movie Review

25 years after the dinosaurs graced our screens in the then highest grossing summer flick ever, Jurassic Park, we see a CGI replete version of the series which almost feels de trop. Jeff Goldblum made a much awaited return in this sequel but after watching the movie you will feel he was better off staying away from Jurassic territory. The first Jurassic Park movie was not only about a Dino theme park where the giant animals were brought to life, but it also touched upon the ethical side of it and the entire human versus ‘first inhabitants of the world’ conundrum. But that movie was directed by Steven Spielberg. What fails Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom is the mess within an already messy setting created by the director J. A. Bayona (of ‘The Orphanage’ fame).


Jurassic World : Fallen Kingdom take the story forward 3 years after the events of Jurassic World in the Dinosaur inhabited Isla Nublar theme park. Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) is retired and the island is facing an impending volcanic eruption, while the government tries to solve the dilemma of rescuing the dinosaurs from the island or ‘letting nature take it’s course’. That ethical dilemma seems promising initially, but it stays at that, as director Bayona jumps into action mode almost as soon as Owen comes in front of the camera. The director seems to be weighed down by the expectation of making a grander movie with a grander scale and odds and falters in giving any logic to the proceedings. The Jurassic park films have constantly shown us the mirror that humans can and should expect pitfalls for meddling with the natural course. This movie seems to keep that as a passing thought only. More focus is given on gigantic CGI heavy dinosaur fighting and some cool action sequences which warrant big budgets and make it seem like a spectacle, albeit hollow. Even the introduction of a hybrid new species, names ‘Indoraptor’ was a damp squib as the animal, although impressive, becomes caricature with it’s personified claws and some horror movie antics. In one scene where the Indoraptor fakes fainting only to lure a human close and then appears to smile at the audience is comical.

The cast tries to bring the needful authenticity to the proceedings with some earnest portrayal and humane touch. Chris Pratt exudes charm and charisma which makes the movie bearable while Bryce Dallas Howard who plays Claire is the do-good Dinosaur-rights activist. They are joined by Rafe Spall who plays the overly ambitious Eli Mills, Benjamin Lockwood’s right hand man. Eli orchestrates the events taking place in the huge Lockwood Estate which acts as the location for the climax. The climax is well shot, although seems a bit long. The heightened tension scenes are dark and feel dangerous, but you get a ‘seen that’ feel to most of it. Even the Dino fights feel like too much CGI.


Jurassic Wolrd :Fallen Kingdom does nothing to take the story forward, although, in all honesty, you will have a good time watching it on the big screen. Dinosaurs never disappoint, even if the humans do. In one particular scene, where everyone is evacuating the volcanic island and a Brachiosaurus is left stranded who gets burnt in the lava which wraps the entire island. That is the only emotional connect you will feel in the entire movie.

gobblscore: 6/10

gobblpoint: The movie is grand and beautiful, but lifeless. Can be avoided.

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