OPINION : The best thing about the ‘Dhadak’ trailer is that I watched Sairat again

Karan Johar is that uncle in a parallel universe who suggests to any star kid “Acting karr lo beta, bohut scope hain!”. He has developed a recent fetish for regional cinema and seems to take sadistic pleasure in spoiling it for people who love them and are ardent and discerning movie goers. First it was Ok Kanmani and now it is Sairat. Ok, ok, I accept that the movie hasn’t released yet for me to give an opinion on the quality, but a trailer normally allows you to form an informed opinion and decide if you would want to invest your hard earned dough and precious time.

watch the trailer here

Frankly I was not expecting much from Dhadak. And the trailer just vindicated my lack of trust on Johar’s eye for script and stars. Sairat was a delightful experience, with two raw but absolutely fantastic talents, bringing to life a story which is rooted in the ground realities of rural India. Sairat was a celebration of innocence, Dhadak seems to be a forced attempt at a chemistry, Sairat was about India and the societal norms which bind people, irrespective of what hearts might feel while Dhadak seems to be a case of struggling accents and a tourism ad for Udaipur.

Another issue I had with the trailer was the utter wreckage of the song ‘Zhingat’. Why would you ‘reimagine’ a song which is still a favourite with the audience after 2 years of coming out. You go to any pompous club in Bandra, and rest assured, the English speaking, suave crowd will go batshit crazy once Zhingat comes on. The hindi version seems less impressive and the lyrics forced.

The biggest problem with the trailer was the wooden expressions of Jahnvi Kapoor. You can get the best guardian angel in Bollywood, the best production house to get launched, but if your best expression is a blank stare, you are bound to face articles like these lady!! My theatre Guru used to tell me, if you are at a loss as to which expression suits a certain dialogue, just overact a bit. The audience forgets and forgives or doesn’t notice at all. In this case, Jahnvi seems to be fighting to even mumble in her forced rural accent, let alone emote her way into reckoning.

The best thing that happened today was that I watched Zhingat (Marathi version) again and enjoyed Sairat again and felt heartbroken all over again during the climax. Thank you Karan Johar for the sudden increase in views of Zhingat after a 2 year hiatus.

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