Why Race 3 is the best film of 2018

You thought this was clickbait, didn’t you ? Well, guess what. It is not. How’s that for a twist, you Nolan-praising, Kashyap-breathing, rational human-being you ? Race 3 is the culmination of a decade long vision of ace directors (they put the ‘ace’ in ‘race’) Abbas-Mustan much like Marvel’s Avengers : Infinity War, except that they have a real villain here unlike the complex and sentimental, purple CGI monstrosity they hired for the latter. You know you are in for a promising start when Shamsher Singh aka Anil Kapoor confronts one of his own men who is threatening to usurp his arms business…with a fidget-spinner. To an amateur like you (don’t blame yourself), the usage of such an uncharacteristic prop might seem laughable, but to the trained eye like myself, the symbolism couldn’t have been more apparent. The spinner was to be the prelude to the complex web that would be ‘spun’ by the characters in the story and how right I was. I like my movies delivered to me like noodles. Twisty but slurpy. Without wasting any second of valuable screen-time, the characters are quickly established through a narrative as if the narrator were reading character-descriptions directly from the script without the slightest fear of exposition. And that’s not even the best bit. 

Image credits –  Race 3

You thought Deadpool had the best pop-culture references ? Wait, till I tell you about this one. The whole plot of the film is a gigantic nod to one particular episode of the hit sitcom Friends where Joey comes to know that two of his best friends Monica and Chandler are dating. Although the couple ask him to keep it a secret, Rachel and Phoebe ween it out of him. This starts a whole sequence of events where – Chandler and Monica don’t know that Phoebe and Rachel know. When they do get to know, they try to keep that a secret, asking Joey to not let Rachel and Phoebe know that they know. When the latter learn of this game, they start playing their own game on top, asking Joey not to tell them that they know that Chandler and Monica know that they know. If you haven’t been gobsmacked from a sense of “wait…WHAT ?” yet, the winding twists and turns in the plot are enough to make you start questioning the very meaning of life. Have you ever peeled an onion ? With every layer you get deeper into the onion, and with every layer you cry more. That’s how layered Race 3 is. 

No great film is complete without its music and Salim-Suleimaan have done some of their best work here. Their track – “Ik baar baby selfish hoke, apne like jiyo na” is inspired from Richard Dawkins’ celebrated work The Selfish Gene where he propounds the theory that all our actions are a direct result of genes deciding what best for the individual…with the exception of Bobby Deol’s genes of course, ‘cause they are still baffled at what else they can do for him. Another track that will haunt you for days is “I Found Love” written and sung by none other than Salman Khan himself (such a pure, virgin talent) where he brings in a much needed juxtaposition with western pop through the inspiring lines – “Nobody knows what the future holds for us, let’s give it our best.”, a philosophy he so closely follows himself by paying his lawyers well. 

Keeping in line with the nationalistic fervor that is sweeping our country right now, we see the characters break into flawless Bhojpuri from upper-class English, making potentially mundane scenes, memorable.

Director Remo D’Souza brings out some of the most poignant moments ever captured on screen. Keeping in line with the nationalistic fervor that is sweeping our country right now, we see the characters break into flawless Bhojpuri from upper-class English, making potentially mundane scenes, memorable. It goes a long way to show that no matter how successful of an arms-dealer you are, you always keep your country at an arm’s length. The only thing that was, perhaps, missing was a few bright red spits in between dialogues to seal the deal. But that’s just me nitpicking. Even in the climax sequence, the final fight scene breaks apart from conventional route of fast cars and blazing guns into a full-bodied ‘dangal’. Nothing dissolves conflict better than a good-old slow-motion fist-fight where you can actually discern the waves moving across their bulbous bodies every time a punch lands. The big-screen is almost entirely filled with quivering man-nipples and sweaty arm-pits. If that’s not realism, I don’t know what is. 

Screen Shot 2018-06-16 at 5.16.53 PM.png
Image credits –  Race 3

Young-bloods Daisy Shah and Saqib Saleem bring an authentic chemistry into the film through subtle nuances in their dialogue like ending each sentence with “bro”. This screen instrument resonates throughout the film and becomes a signature word. Why should bromance exist just between two guys ? Why can’t a woman be your bro ? That’s the kind of progressive film-making that we deserve today. Jaqueline (pronounced ‘Jay-kwelline’) Fernandes was gorgeous as ever. 

No surprises, Race 3 has posted the biggest opening this year, raking in 30 crores on its first day and it is going to race to 300 crores in a little more than two weeks. Take that you naysayers. As a tradition with any great franchise these days, Salman teases yet another sequel, possibly with another protagonist to play the part of Sikandar Singh. Whoever it would be, the act would have some big shoes to fill and a monumental task of topping Race 3. Haters gonna hate, but racists gonna race. 


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TL;DR: Watch this quick re-creation of Race 3’s plot


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