Andhadhun has a lot more than meets the ‘eye’ | Every Theory Explained !

After a blistering opening weekend, Sriram Raghavan’s Andhadhun promises to be the breakout hit this year and deservedly so. Through some of the most ingenious scripts we have seen in a while, the film holds you at the edge of your seats, walking the fine line between a dark comedy and a thriller.

True to its central character, Raghavan subverts the climax scene through a final significant moment that has left us wondering about what really happened with Akash.

There are tonnes of questions that our readers have been asking, and that we have been asking ourselves. So, we decided to give it a whirl and see if we could actually explain everything that you may have missed in the film. Each theory listed down here is better than the last. So, stay with us until the very end.

If you are yet to watch the film, do not proceed beyond this point as there will be spoilers.

Theory # 1: Akash was not blinded by Simi

By the time the sh*tstorm had ended and Akash had made out alive, we had developed a sympathy for the man. After all, he had just wanted to live a “simple life”, trying out his experimental techniques to squeeze out that last drop of inspiration like Beethoven completing the ninth symphony. But it was never going to be so simple was it ? Just before the closing of the final scene, we see Akash tottering down the street with his probing stick, until he confidently hits a crushed cola can as if he knew it was there. That changes everything. Suddenly, a few more details come rushing back. A few minutes back we watch someone from the pub hand him his walking stick which has a rabbit’s head on its handle. Wait, that couldn’t have been a coincidence. If Akash was truly blind, there was no way he could have seen the rabbit hitting the wind-shield of Simi’s car sending it spiraling into a fireball. The only feasible explanation for that would be that the story he told Sophie was a complete fabrication. There had been no fireball explosion. Instead, he and the Doctor had probably done exactly what the latter had suggested – sell her organs and get her eyes. This would also explain how he got the money to travel to Europe.

She never blinded him (credits – Andhadhun)

Theory # 2: Akash’s meeting with Sophie was not a coincidence

In what seems to be “true” Bollywood serendipity, the supposed love interests bump into each other. Sophie is apologetic and offers to drop Akash to his destination but there’s a palpable spark between the two. Hereon, everything turns around for Akash. He gets to work as a pianist at a beautiful café owned by Sophie’s father Franco. Before long, he is a hit amongst the guests and makes many a memorable evening through his melodious retro tunes. One of those evenings, a veteran actor Pramod Sinha is enthralled by one of the tunes, especially for the fact that it was from one of his movies which he thought had been forgotten. Akash professes to be a big fan and even names a few of his flicks. Sinha is impressed and, in a gesture of warmth, invites him to perform at his home for him and his wife. Now, if you look back at these series of events, you would know that there are just too many coincidences. Of all the people in the world, Akash bumps into the one person who owns a café with a piano in it. And, to top it off, Akash’s “favourite actor” is a regular at that very café. Just as before, this thought leads us to our next theory that may blow your pants off.

He knew everything about her even before they met (credits – Andhadhun)

Theory # 3: Everything that Akash experienced was a fabrication – a tall tale that he told Sophie

Seems too far-fetched, doesn’t it ? We thought so too but then we re-imagined the whole movie based on this hypothesis. There are some very irregular moments in the story that we saw which we’re sure you must have felt too. When Akash arrives at Pramod Sinha’s house, Simi invites him in and asks him to wait for her husband. But as we later learn, Sinha had just been murdered by Simi and her policeman boyfriend. The whole scenario was hilarious as we watch Akash pretending to be blind and yet freaking out inside that there was a body lying in the dining room, and a man hiding in the bathroom.

Now here’s a question for you – Why would Simi let Akash inside the apartment if she had just committed a murder ? This particular detail feels a bit off. After the murder comes out, the old lady next door hints to the police that there were three men at the apartment that day and one of them was a heavyset man with a body-builder like physique. Yet this essential detail is completely dismissed. They don’t even check any CCTV footage from the society or the building. Again, too convenient.

What’s more, much later when Akash is just about to cut open by the doctor, the Lottery lady, and the autowallah, he takes the name of Lord Shiva. Coincidently, the Lottery lady has a Lord Shiva tattoo in her arm and suddenly sees a change of mind saying that Akash was divine somehow. Yet another unusual turn in the story. Why would a person’s mind change when they know they would get millions in the black market by selling off his organs ? Just. Too. Convenient. This could only mean one thing that everything he experienced never really happened. At least not like he told Sophie about it. Now this is important, ‘cause Sophie now becomes our totem for knowing what real and what’s not. Try to remember the scenes Sophie appeared in and the ones in which she did not.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 10.57.33 PM
Everyone was blind (Sophie and the audience), except him. (credits – Andhadhun)

Theory # 4: Akash and Simi planned out the murder of Pramod Sinha

Continuing with the above hypothesis, we do know that a murder happened because we remember Sophie watching about it on TV. Now, let’s go back to Pramod Sinha. The only link between Akash and Simi, that we know of, is Pramod Sinha. In Simi’s introduction scene we get to know that they have been married for just two years and its apparent that there’s a significant age-difference between the two. It may have been love but that’s as probable as Rahul Gandhi winning the 2019 elections. So, let’s go by what’s probable. Simi married Sinha for his money. But she doesn’t have access to his wealth until his death. That’s when she gets his belongings, his real-estate business and money from his insurance. But it would be too obvious if she gets involved directly in the ghastly task. After all, wives are the biggest suspects when a husband dies. So, what’s better ? Show the world that there was another person in the apartment who could vouch for the fact that she had nothing to do with her husband’s murder. Also, the fact that Akash had been invited to Sinha’s home gave him the perfect alibi for being there.

Now, you’d ask ? Hey, what about the policeman ? What if we told you, there was no policeman. Think about the murder – we don’t really see how Sinha dies. Just his wine bottle crashing to the floor. Also, we see Sinha holding the policeman’s gun in his hand. How the hell did he get shot ? If he had to shoot anyone at all, it should have been the policeman. Not himself ! Too convenient of an “accident” ? We think so. This means that Akash purposely got hit by Sophie because he knew that Sinha frequented her café. He told her a sob story that of a struggling blind pianist and used her to get a job at the café where he could meet Sinha. He and Simi had probably planned this out for a while. To avoid suspicion, he would live in a small NGO apartment while she would pretend to be Sinha’s wife far away in Magarpatta City. In the end, Bonnie and Clyde were probably settled in Europe in the city where Sophie stumbles into A-kash.

Bonnie and Clyde – Partners in Crime (credits – Andhadhun)


The Hare

The movie opens with a very intriguing scene where a hunter is trying to kill a Hare in a cabbage patch. If you have noticed, the rabbit has different-colored eyes – one of them looks milky white while the other looks normal. This is a metaphor to the blurry line between what we see and what’s real in the movie. Akash not only fools Sophie, he also fools us. We are the ones who have been blind.


The Songs

“Naina Da Kya Kasoor Bekasoor” (What’s the fault of eyes ? Faultless): is an ode to the innocence of Sophie who sees everything and yet fails to see anything. She believes every word that comes out of Akash’s mouth in the end.

“Jo ho raha tha wo saccha laga, aapse milkar accha laga” (What was happening seemed real, was nice to meet you) : yet another hint towards the whole facade that Akash had concocted around him. What felt like destiny bringing him and Sophie together, was not destiny at all.

In toto : Throughout the movie, our loyalties are questioned multiple times, but like the true hero worshiping audience that we are, we stick to Akash’s words. Akash concocts and contrives at the drop of a hat. His place of domicile is in fact his place of hiding. We know the Akash from Franco’s, but the movie steers clear of his backstory. Going by the convoluted truths in the storyline, we can assume that Pune was, in fact, his haven for the time being. Later in the story, he moves to Europe and he starts with his ‘blind-piano-player’ act yet again. Déjà vu ? Or planned ? We call his bluff!

Note: These are just our conjectures where we have tried to fit in the theories that make the most sense to us. There may definitely be some loopholes that we may have failed to consider. Nevertheless, the very fact that we have been discussing and brainstorming about the film is a testament to the ingenious story that Raghavan has spun for us. A classic for ages !

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  1. Omair says:

    There were more foreshadowing in the movie:
    When Sophie says you’ve played the piano well, and Akash says its not complete. And Sophie says that some things are complete because they are incomplete/unfinished. This is a foreshadowing for the ending, where the viewer is not sure if he can see or not.
    Also, when Prabot Sinha is watching a movie, and he says to his wife Simi to watch, the fun is about to begin. She says she’s seen it 4 times, and that someone dies. Its foreshadowing of Prabot Sinha’s death, and in fact the fun of the movie begins with his death. And also, 4 people died in the movie; Sinha, Simi, Murli and the old lady.


    1. screengobblr says:

      Nice observations !


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