Four More Shots Please |It stutters but makes it up with verve

So, Sex and the City and Veere Di Wedding had a love child? Before you reject my hypothesis as spurious, hear me out. Four females with broken hearts, internal turmoil and fantasy filled ‘sex’capades become each other’s strengths and a lucky suburban Bar’s premium customers. Going by the number of shots they wash down their throats, the bar better start a rewards programme for the 4 of them. Ambition, anxiety, work-life imbalance are topics which have been covered on Indian shows. So what is different, if not new, about this series? The gender. Surprisingly enough, we still find it hard to recall one good series/movie where strong complex women have been addressed perspicuously. Independent women playing second fiddle has been a norm in Hindi movies and TV, so much so that any hint of rebellion is shown with dramatic music and dropping of a metal plate from some elder’s hands. Therefore, we need Four More Shots Please, with all it’s shortcomings and meandering storyline.


Sayani Gupta is Damini, a no-nonsense Editor-in-chief of an investigative website, lazily titled as She is successful, unabashed, but faces censure from her higher ups for her bold unmasking stories. Sayani is an absolute delight in this character as she plays strong and vulnerable with aplomb. In office she fights her battles with the board while fighting her inner battle with her fantasies for the national sex symbol Milind Soman (playing a gynac here, I mean seriously!) in her mind.

Kriti Kulhari as Anjana is another example of perfect casting as she is the divorcee with a kid who gives her a complex by warming up to her ex-husband’s chirpy new girlfriend. Her inner predicament is expressed with details through her eyes. Bani J as Umang was a risky casting choice but her morphing into a risque avatar juxtaposed with her adorable portrayal of a Punjabi girl who tries to defy the norms, makes her endearing . With less acting pedigree and more reality show experience, she takes control of Umang even as we smile at her mumbling at the sight of her celebrity crush, Lisa Ray (as Superstar Samara Kapoor). Her hard exterior as a trainer quickly gives way to the small-town girl.

Maanvi Gagroo as Siddhi Patel is one character which was cliché ridden almost till the end episodes. She is the tormented kid who is repeatedly pulled down by her own socialite mother. Simone Singh plays the mother who just wishes that her daughter also follows the strict diets and fashion trends which will vindicate their status. Manvi has been a fantastic performer and impressed us in ‘Tripling’, a TVF production, however as Siddhi, she is mellow and borders between being irritable and arousing empathy.


The show is marketed well by Amazon, with an eye to cater to the urban chic audience of India. These women scream ‘vagina’ from the Marine Drive, and go crazy in Goa, whilst trying to mend their weary hearts with love and tenderness. The show benefits from a soothing background score which seamlessly integrates with the goings on, while creator Rangita Pritish Nandy makes sure the nostalgia quotient is high with this one. You will definitely discuss this series with your girlfriends and plan a girl’s night out or Goa trip soon.

Four More Shots Please stutters but puts across the point with verve. Watch it with your girls and go hit the bar for the next round!

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