TVF’s Kota Factory is the reality check needed after the Student of the Year 2 trailer release | Screengobblr Shorts

Around 10 days ago, Karan Johar dropped the trailer of Student of the Year 2, where chiselled jaw-line adorning boys and girls partake in a grand scuffle for the title of the best student. 6 days later, The Viral Fever’s Kota Factory released just in time for a reality check of sorts, depicting the scramble which some of the actual best students in the country go through every year to get into the IITs. Shot entirely in black and white, Kota Factory’s first episode is aptly titled ‘Inventory’ which follows the journey of Vaibhav, an IIT aspirant who becomes part of the mechanical life of a coaching class which promises the world to young wards and their parents.


Few minutes into the first episode and you realise why the show is in black and white. The colourlessness on screen merges with the colourlessness of life in Kota as everyone is singularly focussed on a common goal. Mayur More as Vaibhav represents the angst of every student out of school who is nudged into a rat race by his family and society in general. Jeetendra Kumar as Jeetu Sir proves his mettle yet again and quickly becomes the guiding force for students in the institute. Being an IITian himself, Jeetendra brings to life all the unsung heroes, also known as teachers, who shape the future of the nation.


With a resonant background music typified by slow piano, the series grows on you as you become part of this ‘world’ which can break the guts of a lot of tender minds. As Jeetu’s character says, ‘you may leave Kota, but Kota doesn’t leave you so easily’. Unfortunately, some of these kids never leave Kota at all. The series is just one episode old, but has set the plot up nicely for the rest of the episodes.

Episode 2 releases on the 23rd of April.

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