Avengers : Endgame | It is a lap of honour for nostalgic fans | No Spoilers

How do you end a saga which has captured the imagination of the entire world? By doing a lap of honour for the cheering fans, with a nostalgia trip down the last decade, all the while holding hands and finally walking into the sunset. As the poignant tour de force of the Russo brothers comes to a worthy culmination, Marvel has delivered what can arguably be called the greatest experiment in movie history. When Jon Favreau was asked to helm the first Ironman movie, little did we know that he was creating the base for a coterie of superheroes who would experience love, loss, reverence, skirmish and finally triumph. And we, the audience experienced each emotion with them as we awaited the ‘inevitable’.


Marvel Studios’ interconnected universe of films, now spanning 11 years and 21 individual projects, has earned more than $15 billion worldwide. That looks really impressive considering that in 1996, Marvel was mired in bankruptcy and as a last ditch effort decided to have a second-tier hero hold aloft their flag! They say, resilience is strongest when your back is against the wall, and that is what exactly happened. Under Kevin Fiege, a young and newly promoted Marvel President, Marvel put together a long term strategy. And the returns were instant! A troubled star betting on an iron costume to get him back into the public conscience, became an overnight icon. His quirks, charisma and stellar performance earned Marvel the breathing space they badly needed. And they did the best work during that time. From Ironman to Thor to Black Panther, Marvel assembled a group of amazing individuals who were not much mainstream, but were packaged into the Marvel Cinematic Universe as heroes with unique persona.


Every Marvel movie was a spoke in the larger wheel of the universe and gradually the grander scheme laid bare when Thanos was introduced, albeit briefly in a few of the movies. A large part of why the Avengers have worked and there has been no superhero movie fatigue is the character arcs painted by the respective directors. The Russo Brothers have helmed four of the MCU movies and they have delivered stories which oscillate between funny repartee and madcap action almost simultaneously. And that has been the greatest strength of Marvel. They deliver fun movies with really endearing characters with action sequences which blow the minds of people who have been fed on Hollywood action movies all their lives.

Avengers : Endgame is as grand as they come! Rumour has it that so many actors, technicians, marketers have worked on the movie that there will always be one person associated with the project in your line of sight at any given point of time! 26th April isn’t just an ordinary day, it is the day we salute the people who have made our movie experiences during the summers exciting almost every year. And so, it is only fitting that the Russo brothers tip their hats to the MCU movies of the past while taking our heroes on a ride to undo the annihilation. Endgame is a three act movie with a lot of heart. The first act starts slow as the avengers are still coming to terms with their loss in the previous movie. As they huddle around to avenge the fallen one last time, the movie takes quantum leaps (literally) and gallops towards a third act which is a fanboy dream.


Tony Stark is visibly shaken and resigned to his fate after failing to save his fellow heroes. Captain Steve Rogers is still the motivated Cap who wants to take all the chances he has, while Thor is refreshingly goofy in a new avatar. As everyone reunites against the common enemy, the film develops into an intergalactic tussle which is a sight for sore eyes. MCU is blessed to have an antagonist like Thanos! Even if the world faces his wrath, his motives are somewhat driven by his logic. He is seeking no throne and is evidently retired after the events of the previous movie. But deeds, good or bad, eventually come back to seek answers. The resolution to the movie’s greatest conundrum is patchy but effective. And truth be told, we are no critics inside that movie hall! Everyone is a fan boy and girl.

And therefore, I refuse to rate the movie. A few stars, a single digit rating will not change what this movie will achieve. Fans deserve to know the fate and experience the grand scheme of some really talented people. So, please visit the nearest movie hall today and take your friends and family, because after all, what we see on screen are a bunch of righteous men and women who defend us and avenge their own kind

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