A superhero story this! The “Super 30” trailer is inspiring

The very first sentence of the “Super 30” trailer makes you think. We are a nation of a billion plus people, yet the disparity is perceptible. Super 30 is a story which most of us have heard of, in newspapers and news channels. Ask any IIT aspirant and you will notice the reverence with which they take the name of Anand Kumar. An unassuming middle aged man from Bihar who has been transforming the highly commercialized coaching industry.

The trailer takes us to the by lanes of Patna where Anand Kumar shuns the lucrative offer of an institute head and decides to galvanize few talented kids from the economically backward section to dream for the stars. Hritik Roshan as Anand looks earnest, although the accent is slightly off putting. I will keep my opinion about the character reserved till the movie releases.

Super 30 is directed by Vikas Bahl and also stars Mrunal Thakur. Vikas was named by an employee of Phantom Films last year for harassment during the making of the movie Queen. His association with the production house has been scraped, although the allegations have tarnished his image. It would be interesting to see if the controversy has any impact of the film’s performance.

Cast : Hritik Roshan , Mrunal Thakur

Director : Vikas Bahl

Release date : July 12

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