Comicstaan Season 2 | Episode 1-3 | Review

Comicstaan Season 2 returned this Friday with 3 episodes releasing together while the rest of the 5 episodes will release every subsequent Friday. The familiar stand up stars take the judge’s seats with a few returning from Season 1 while some, like Zakir Khan take the mantle of judging for the first time. Amazon Prime Videos is betting big on the show with a high profile marketing campaign, trying to leverage on the word of mouth generated during the first installment plus the pull of the established and new talent on display.

Season 2 takes time to grow on you. The new batch is slightly untutored in the art of a reality series and it shows in the initial episodes. They fumble, they miss their timings here and there and go through the entire cycle of becoming a stand up comedian. However, this shouldn’t be misconstrued as a precursor for bad viewing experience. It’s the journey of each contestant which keeps us engaged. The judges are a huge pull for the show and they dissect each contestant with the intricacy of a food reviewer. Also the special sets of the judges at the end are also some of the highlights of the season.

Each episode is themed basis the stronger suit of the respective judges. Zakir Khan gets to teach the contestants anecdotal comedy whereas Kaneez gets to guide them in the art of improv. Each contestant brings with them quirks which endears them to the audience and the judges alike. Supriya Joshi is the comedienne with a lot of characters and she comes into her own during the improv segments. Her Australian accent is both accurate and packs the right punches while she and her partner improvise a scene suggested by the audience.

Samay Raina is the right amalgamation of someone whose narrative is mostly derived from real life instances and someone who thinks on his feet. His ‘kisi ko bhi pighla sakta hun’ (I can melt anyone), directed towards mentor Zakir Khan draws a lot of laughter. Aakash Gupta is phlegmatic in his sets and his experience of open mics shows. Even Joel gets the laughs in decent dosage through his anecdotes and distinct style.

Comicstaan Season 2 first three episodes are average compared to the first season. But it is easy on the eyes due to a star studded line up of judges who stir away from the regular tropes like emotions and controversies which plague most of the shows on TV today. This actually goes to show how the OTT platforms have created a niche in terms of quality of content. Even the worst jokes in these 2 seasons will easily be better than the garbage passed on as comedy in the TV shows (yes, we are looking at you Tarak Mehta). Give this a go if you liked the first season and are already fans of the judges. I’m sure, by the end of the season, you’ll definitely be fans of one or more of the contestants.

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