What else am I bingeing on | Netflix, MX Player, Hoichoi, Voot

Secret Obsession : (Streaming on Netflix)

The movie’s fate and eventual likeability hinges on the climatic reveal. For obvious reasons we will abstain from divulging any details, but let me tell you this, the title is a giveaway.

Secret Obsession has nothing noteworthy in terms of plot buildout. It takes a beaten to death route of memory loss of the protagonist and her discomfiture at all goings on post regaining consciousness. She finds an unknown person sitting by her bedside who claims to be her husband. As she reconciles to her new life with information fed to her by the ‘husband’, she manages to notice irregularities and the sinister ploy starts to unmask itself.

The movie falls into the run of the mill category, something which Netflix seems to be investing in a bit these days. Several analysts have spoken about the fact that audiences are mostly spoilt for choice on the numerous streaming platforms and gratification doesn’t necessarily depend on quality. Familiarity and innocuous plots also get users hooked, especially amongst those who might not have the same taste. That’s the failsafe which Netflix caters to sometimes.

Revenge : (Streaming on Netflix)

Revenge is a taut thriller which engrosses and makes you root for the victimized yet quickly redeemed lead character throughout the entire runtime.

Jen is a frivolous arm candy of her rich but married neighbour Richard, who has never quite figured out her calling or even her self worth. A fun getaway turns into a hell ride for Jen as three men, including Richard, exploit her modesty and leave her to die.

Director Coralie Fargeat treads a fine line between overdoing cliched elements of such movies while at the same time keeping the pace rapid. “Revenge” benefits from an enrapturing performance from Matilda Lutz who effortlessly transforms into a revenge seeking victim from a pleasure seeking 20-something. The odds are stacked against her in a secluded terrain unbeknownst to her. But the resilience to avenge her plight gives the audience the hero we seek to root for.

Made in French, the movie does not have a lot of dialogues as the plot is fairly clear from the outset. However, the treatment, the odds and the fear of the unknown keeps us engaged.

MisMatch : (streaming on Hoichoi & MX Player)

Hoichoi is the fresh entrant in the OTT race and caters to the evolved Bengali audience who seek something mature and almost risque. MisMatch, also available with Hindi dubbing, follows two mismatched couples who are not fulfilling the physical expectations of each other. Both couples seek a fix and end up enrolling in a partner sharing platform and all hell breaks loose, along with the unexpected connect they find in unknown people while their own relationship is on shaky grounds.

The series never rises beyond the one sentence concept on which it was created. The banter is fairly hackneyed and the events very trite. The show is available on MX Player too.

Fuh se Fantasy : (Streaming on Voot)

Voot hasn’t really shaken up the content world with it’s originals yet. “It’s not that simple” created a few ripples a year back, which I will attribute more to the branding rather than the content itself. This year’s “Fuh se Fantasy” seems like an easy way to get some eyeballs in this highly competitive Streaming market.

The series is about our hidden desires and what would any average person do if they came true. The show presents a different story every episode, however nothing is of note as the outright attempt is to titillate the users and it often falls short of doing that too.

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