Undone Review | by Chirag Raveendran

Undone is an American comedy-drama web television animated series created by Raphael Bob-Waksberg, known as the creator and show runner of BoJack Horseman and Kate Purdy, who was a writer and producer on BoJack Horseman. It stars Roza Salazar as the protagonist and Bob Odenkirk, from Better call Saul and Breaking bad, as her father. It’s a trippy sci-fi drama that narrates the story of a woman dealing with personal trauma and a disturbed mental state. The visuals are stunning and distinctive as they have used the process of Rotoscoping in which the actors are filmed on sets, and then they are traced over by animators which give us something in between the real and the imaginary just like the series in itself. There will be eight episodes in the first season with a traditional 22-minute episode, with several instalments running slightly longer. 

Credits – Amazon Prime Video

The series has quite a distinct narrative just like its visuals. It doesn’t really have a linear flow. It jumps to and fro in a subtle, striking manner playing with the ideas of time and space which makes you think and construct your own narrative. 

It begins with the introduction of the protagonist who is going through an existential crisis and in the process of questioning her existence. She unintentionally ends up hurting the people close to her by also questioning their existence. Her small world consists of her mother, who is overprotective and controlling, her sister who is happy go lucky and looks up to her elder sister, and a boyfriend who is passive in nature, loves her and supports her in her crisis but is also a part of her crisis and would do anything to be with her, even lie to her, and last but not the least her dead father. The series explores the aspects of different kinds of relationship and it tries to break away from the conventional relationships that we usually share with our parents, siblings or lovers.

Credits – Amazon Prime Video

Her life turns upside down in the aftermath of an accident. She starts imagining her dead father and with the occurrence of strange incidents, she starts questioning her train of thoughts. The explanation for these incidents according to her father was “Either you have one foot in the world of the dead and one in the world of living and you are communicating with me through some sort of spirit realm and the accident has shaken your temporal understanding of time and space and somehow given you the ability to see things in a non-linear fashion and that is all very disorienting but also exhilarating and freeing or this is all just some fever-dream, morphine-drip head trauma type of thing”, which can be considered as an apt summary for the entire season.

The accident leaves her in a weird loop wherein she is able to communicate with her father, drifting from one scenario to another, slowly losing her grip on the reality of the world. Her father who believes it to be a gift tries to help her get a grip on this sudden revelation of power she uncovered in order to help him solve a mystery from the past. With time she starts uncovering mysteries from her past and a way back to her roots in the future. While progressing on her quest, the power also challenges her relationships and brings into question her mental wellbeing with the closest to her.

Credits – Amazon Prime Video

The series is a thrilling experience, keeps you buckled to the seat and the visuals are mindboggling with a theme connecting the age old shamans to the futuristic world of time travel, schizophrenia to superpowers, and love to existential crisis. The series ends the first season leaving the audience questioning themselves about the reality they believed in the series. It’s an interesting and thought-provoking ride and you can watch it on Amazon Prime Video.

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A movie buff who might forget the plot after watching them but remembers the feel till the very end. Movies, in a lot of ways have been like a guru to me. They have helped me in polishing my views, in opening my eyes and in makin me more empathetic and understanding towards others.

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