Aamis (Ravening) Review | by Somdutta Roy

Movie: Aamis (2019)                                  Director: Bhaskar Hazarika

Out beyond the ideas of wrong doing and right doing there is a field. I’ll meet you there” – Rumi

Love has this innate ability to take one to places where wrong and right does not hold existence, where definitions lose their ability to confine. It becomes a heaven of two, all painted in their own colours. We get to witness one such world, a world of Nirmali and Sumon, through the perceptive eyes of director Bhaskar Hazarika in this abysmal and idiosyncratic tale of “Aamis”.Nirmali, a married and lonely paediatrician, and Sumon, an anthropology PhD student, who is doing his thesis on meat eating habits of the North East, can’t have it all. The only thing they can have as their own is their shared enthusiasm for eating meat, it being a gateway to their unmet desires, to their longing for each other, to their expression of love. An opening to a whole new beyond. A beyond which is dark, unexplored and complex in an outlandish way. Hazarika, very skilful pushes us to this beyond and leave us there, to explore the unknown!

It is very difficult to put “Aamis” into one genre. Psychological drama ? Romance ? Food movie ? The lines are finely blurred, with every aspect worked on with equal finesse. We can’t help but fall in love with the food shots, absolutely eye appealing, and the way Sumon looks at Nirmali while she enjoys every bite ecstatically, the camera following his eyes, gives us an almost unsettling realization of the relationship they share and that it might be all that they can have.

The two leads have just nailed it. They are almost flawless. It was almost unbelievable for me to find out that this is their debut movie. Arghadeep Baruah as Sumon is so believable when he is shown in love, the body language and expressions are just spot on. Lima Das as Nirmali is just phenomenal. There is one scene where Nirmali is in a fight with her conscience and it is so beautifully shown with her expressions going from a smile to a sombre exterior that its almost unreal.

“Aamis” is an experience which will not wash off easily.

About the Writer

Somdutta Roy is a cinephile who loves to write.

She believes that the truest piece of cinema needs the fewest of elements and that’s where the craftsmanship and the audacity lies.

She has always been fascinated by the craft and the sheer potential it has, to bring out emotions and to make us feel connected.

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