We are a couple of movie fanatics who believe that a good movie can be a great therapy. We in fact go a step further and request our discerning readers to watch a movie a day to give your brain images to store and develop ideas. The main intention of this blog is to find the best movies of the year and critically analyse them and also predict their potential for the impending Annual Academy awards.

Great movies cannot be measured just by revenues. There is an unfathomable variety of Indie films that are changing the cinema landscape radically. Many of those don’t even become a part of the mainstream media. We will bring them to you so that you do not miss out on some amazing but lesser known gems.

We are here, with our packet of chips and we sincerely hope you are also sitting all cozy and ready to enjoy the magic of another new movie.

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  1. Kamal Somaiya says:

    It’s sheer joy to read such honest reviews with such impeccable language which despite containing rich vocabulary is quite easy to comprehend and identify with. Such command over the English language and easy flow in your writing is a rarity in film journalism which has always been considered a bastardised version of the real deal. And the starstruck pretenders posing as film journos with zero writing capabilities are to blame for this. Please keep the reviews as honest as ever and don’t ever give in to temptations that try to tear the soul out of your opinions.


    1. screengobblr says:

      Thank you so much Kamal for following our work. And we so agree with you that film journalism has reached a state where perspectives have been deformed into paid promotions. Our aim is to continue to neutrally analyse films and other content, and create an awareness for good media among the general audience. It’s the support of readers like you which would help us achieve that. Thanks again and keep providing your feedback and thoughts. If you don’t like a particular attribute or if you want to suggest more ideas, do feel free to reach out to us here or our Facebook page as well. We post some more additional content there as well besides our regular blog posts. Cheers !


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